Published: Wed, May 16, 2018
Tech | By Dwayne Harmon

Lenovo teases notch-less smartphone

Lenovo teases notch-less smartphone

A recent teaser shared by Lenovo vice president, Chang Cheng on Chinese social media site, Weibo shows a sketch of the Z5 flaunting what looks to be a true all-screen phone.

Dubbed the Lenovo Z5, he elaborated that the smartphone will have a screen ratio of 95 percent and it will feature "18 patented technologies".

Lenovo apparently figured out how to ditch the divisive iPhone X notch where the selfie camera and various sensors are found.

Lenovo is all set to launch its flagship smartphone on June 14, and ahead of the official unveiling, the company has already started teasing it. To make it easier to guess, Cheng posted a picture that shows the upper left side of the smartphone, including the very thin bezels.

As we are coming upon the launch of the new Lenovo Z5 in a few days, the third teaser has now been released to give us even more insight into what to expect.

While Apple claims to have the first all-screen phone with the iPhone X, there is that little detail that bugs many people, the infamous notch. The Vivo APEX now offers screen to body ratio at 91 percent, and Lenovo may be looking to challenge that with the upcoming smartphone.

What do you think of the Lenovo Z5?

We're looking at a handset made up of around 95 percent screen, leaving minimal bezel space and, obviously, no room for front-mounted buttons. However, we've seen a number of similar pitches from Chinese smartphone makers over the a year ago or so, and while Lenovo's has certainly peaked our curiosity, it's hard to get too excited while so much remains shrouded in secrecy. It isn't clear how Lenovo is achieving this, but it's assumed a great foot of engineering went into the design and component layout.

There is no word though if the above is still a concept or is indeed headed for production.

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