Published: Fri, May 11, 2018
Tech | By Dwayne Harmon

Google I/O: Linux Will Come To Chrome OS On Chromebooks

Google I/O: Linux Will Come To Chrome OS On Chromebooks

On Tuesday, Google CEO Sundar Pichai kicked off the Google I/O 2018 conference with a keynote speech filled with announcements and the latest offerings of the company.

There's a bunch of other features coming to Android, like the system navigation that awfully resembles the iPhone X, or machine learning to help you save battery and make better photos.

Android P will study how an user uses the phone and over a period of time that is after understanding it, Android will automatically put apps to sleep or if the user uses the app very rarely, it will be put in a complete rest mode.

Following the launch of the updated service, every user will have personalized news channel based on their personal information available to Google, the Business Insider added.

Android P is full of exciting new features but what's the true price you're paying? The ADT-2 as a new reference device for Android TV makes sense, because the Nexus Player is no longer being supported as a reference device and will not work for current Android TV developers. What makes this new update impressive is that Google promised this feature with their wearable tech Google Glass, but it will now live on phones without having to wear a headset.

Android P will also see Android notifications get much smarter and will stop displaying alerts for things you normally ignore. Android P will also focus on doing things faster with features like App Actions (that predict your next move) and Slices (that surface portions of apps that you need at the moment).

OnePlus confirmed that its upcoming flagship killer, the OnePlus 6, will participate in Google's Android P open beta. Google Assistant, the company's virtual assistant, was no exception, getting a big bell that drew lots of whistles about its conversational capabilities, as well as some new smart home controls.

Furthermore, one can set time limits - an App Timer - on individual apps, and configure apps to let you know when your self-imposed time limit is about to be hit. This was one of the features announced by Google.

Other than the new Dashboard app, Google is bringing updates to Do Not Disturb. Users can also ask Assistant to read them text messages so they can concentrate more on driving and less on phone's screen.

To make Google Assistant more user friendly, a feature of "continued conversation" was introduced where a user would not have to say "OK Google" repeatedly and can follow up the conversation.

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