Published: Wed, May 09, 2018
Tech | By Dwayne Harmon

Gmail's 'Smart Compose' autocompletes your emails as you type

Gmail's 'Smart Compose' autocompletes your emails as you type

At the search giant's annual developer conference it introduced a new feature for its Gmail email service called Smart Compose, which is created to reduce the number of taps you need to perform to write your messages. This feature makes Google's machine learning smarts take a crack at guessing what you're about to type - and offering to type it for you.

Smart Compose will allow Gmail users to quickly draft emails by predicting the greeting and closing as well as common phrases in between.

In fact, they don't need to type most of the time.

The new update added a "snooze" feature to "put off emails that you just can't get to right now", according to the developer notes.

The feature builds on last year's Smart Reply, which appeared on the Gmail mobile app last year.

When Smart Compose is active, you'll begin to write an email as you've always done.

Smart Compose won't be tailored to your writing style, at least for now, and with a rather limited scope of suggestions, it managed to save only a teensy bit of time, if any. You're able to pay anyone as long as the person has an email address to send it to.You can access it by clicking on the attachment icon when composing an email and scrolling down to "Attach Money".

Smart Compose will roll out in the new Gmail for consumers in the coming weeks but it will be months before G Suite customers in the workplace will see it.

Google explains that the new snooze button in Gmail for iOS means you can delay dealing with an email until later.

To use it, click "Try the new Gmail" under the Settings tab, and under General select "experimental access".

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