Published: Wed, May 23, 2018
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

DOJ to Investigate FBI's Possible Trump Campaign Spy

DOJ to Investigate FBI's Possible Trump Campaign Spy

There is an ongoing investigation led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller into Russia's efforts to interfere in the 2016 U.S. election, whether there was any collusion between the Kremlin and Trump's election campaign and whether the president tried unlawfully to obstruct the inquiry.

But when asked whether there was an informant on the campaign, Giuliani told CNN, "I don't know for sure, nor does the president, if there really was one", though he said they have always been told there was "some kind of infiltration".

He spent most of Sunday morning sharing his thoughts on Twitter about the ongoing Russian Federation investigation, suggesting that the ongoing "witch hunt" was out of control. "They said September, which is good for everyone, because no one wants this to drag into the midterms".

In March, Inspector General Michael Horowitz said there would be an investigation into Republican complaints of FBI wrongdoing in the early stages of the Russian Federation probe.

Giuliania told the AP that the probe's conclusion would be the "culmination of the investigation into the president". Trump allies from Kellyanne Conway to Rudy Giuliani were soon sharing grave concerns about the presence of a spy in the campaign's midst.

Trump's overt pressure on the Justice Department does not have much legal precedent, according to legal experts.

He repeatedly claimed that the investigation has so far yielded no results in its efforts to find proof of collusion between the campaign and Russian Federation, and instead suggested the probe should now look into "corruption in the Hillary Clinton Campaign".

"If anyone did infiltrate or surveil participants in a presidential campaign for inappropriate purposes, we need to know about it and take appropriate action", Mr Rosenstein said in a statement. Sessions and the lawmakers had urged Horowitz to review whether Federal Bureau of Investigation and Justice Department officials abused their surveillance powers by using information compiled by Christopher Steele, a former British spy, and paid for by Democrats as part of the basis to justify monitoring Carter Page, a former campaign adviser to Trump. Negotiations between the House Republicans and the Justice department appeared to stall last week ahead of Trump's tweet - an apparent reversal of the White House's initial policy. Trump quoted Fox Business anchor David Asman and tweeted Friday: "Apparently the DOJ put a Spy in the Trump Campaign". Only the release or review of documents the House intelligence committee is seeking from the justice department "can give conclusive answers", he added.

Rep. Adam Schiff of California, the senior Democrat on the House intelligence committee, has called Trump's claim of an embedded spy "nonsense". The attorney general, Jeff Sessions, has recused himself from Russia-related matters.

Officials from the Justice Department, FBI and Office of the Director of National Intelligence have maintained that turning over that information that congressional Republicans have requested on the source would pose a grave risk to the source's life. Giuliani defended the president's actions.

Marc Mukasey, a lawyer for Mr Zamel, said on Saturday that neither his client "nor any of his related entities, had any involvement whatsoever in the U.S. election campaign".

The inspector general will expand his probe into the handling of investigations during 2016 election season to include any "irregularities" involving FBI or Justice Department "tactics" - language vague enough to be essentially meaningless.

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