Published: Sat, May 12, 2018
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Diesel engine software program probed by German officers

Diesel engine software program probed by German officers

The timing couldn't be worse.

In Germany, around 30,000 vehicles diesel vehicles fitted with 6-cylinder diesel engines may have been fitted with an illegal software emissions device, German weekly magazine Spiegel reported earlier on Tuesday.

Audi CEO Rupert Stadler said in a statement: "We regularly inform the Federal Motor Transport Authority about the results of our systematic engine testing programme".

It then advises customers to call its Customer Experience Contact Centre (1800 502 834) for the "latest available information".

AdBlue refill nozzle and diesel fuel filler cap
Audi investigated for possible new emissions defeat device

Volkswagen's premium carmaker Audi will shortly present to Germany's motor authority KBA a software upgrade for the additional 60,000 cars in which emissions-related problems have been discovered, Audi's chief executive said. We report any abnormalities to the licensing authority since our highest interest is in full disclosure.

The suspected AdBlue scam differs from the scandal that sparked Volkswagen's Dieselgate crisis in 2015, when the auto manufacturer admitted to installing defeat devices in some 11 million cars worldwide.

Audi says it discovered the issue last week and went to the KBA not long after with the evidence.

Audi stated it had found "irregularities" within the diesel engine administration software program in a era of the A6 and A7 that's being phased out. A representative for the German prestige vehicle company told Der Spiegel: "We are working on a software update and are in close contact with the KBA".

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