Published: Tue, May 08, 2018
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Childish Gambino has Twitter shook with new music video

Childish Gambino has Twitter shook with new music video

This the first new music he released since 2016's Grammy-nominated album "Awaken, My Love!". Gambino blatantly tackles local terrorism in faced by blacks in America best known to be in ties with the brutal acts of the America police force and American gun culture. If you think anything other than gun and police violence, you obviously need to catch up on your celebrity politics. Look at how I'm livin' now.

At one point, the crew notices on social media that Kanye's at Chrissy Teigen's baby shower for baby No. 2. He dances around giddily before taking breaks for a couple of point-blank shootings.

Watch Childish Gambino's mind-raising visual to "This Is America", below.

A large ensemble cast features the camera weaving in and out as it follows Glover around the space.

"Kanye declares himself a genius drops 'poopty scoop, ' Donald Glover drops #ThisIsAmerica & says nothing", one person tweeted.

Glover, Kenan Thompson, and Chris Redd all debuted the definitive Migos impression that we didn't know we needed in "Friendos".

Glover was hardly the first host to do double duty as musical guest, but he showed a lot of game in his two numbers as Childish Gambino.

The sketches were some of the most creative and funniest we've seen all season, exhibiting a wide range of silliness, originality, smart commentary, and great writing.

Ironically, Glover may have accidentally proven that he's good at SNL monologues in the process as keeping the monologue under five minutes and having it move throughout the studio is always a titanic achievement. While some may call him a triple threat - as an actor, writer and singer - he considers himself "just a threat".

A group member yells, "Leave Chrissy Teigen out of this!"

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