Published: Fri, April 13, 2018
Culture | By Antonia Gonzales

Trump Calls Chinese Tariffs on American Cars 'Stupid'

Trump Calls Chinese Tariffs on American Cars 'Stupid'

He branded the raid as "an attack on our country in a true attack on what we all stand for" and also called it a it a "political witch hunt". China last week said it would tax imports on USA pork, soybeans, apples, airplanes and other products totaling $50 billion. "And in the end, they're going to be much stronger than they are right now". Currently, as Trump tweeted, China imposes 25 percent tariffs on American vehicles, and mandates that foreign companies form joint ventures with Chinese firms. We know that the most myopic Trump minions will have a litany of rationalizations as to why Trump is now defying a campaign mandate; but to rational, common sense Americans, the President's tweet this morning alerting Russian Federation that USA missiles "will be coming" is arguably telegraphing to Russian Federation and Putin what the President is planning. "And thanks to you and everyone here, hopefully there won't be many more after her that have to endure this pain", she said. Since December 2016, Beijing also has charged an additional 10 percent on "super-luxury" vehicles priced above 1.3 million yuan ($200,000).

The company is also in a vulnerable position amid increasing trade tensions between the United States and China, as Beijing may retaliate with extra tariffs against the USA plane maker in response to new levies imposed by the White House on Chinese imports.

Months after taking office in April of 2017, while talking about the threat from North Korea, President Trump told Fox News, "I don't want to telegraph what I am doing or what I am thinking".

Washington Post writer James Hohmann voiced similar concerns in a piece concerning the remarks Trump made about the Democrat's behavior during his State of the Union Address earlier this year.

Farm-state lawmakers said Thursday after a White House meeting with Trump that he had given that assignment to his trade representative, Robert Lighthizer, and his new chief economic adviser, Larry Kudlow. "We have a pretty broad authority", said Censky, who was previously the head of the soybean association that's now protesting the administration's stance toward China.

Arizona, New Mexico and Texas all made new pledges that add up to almost half of the nearly 4,000 that troops Trump requested. Kudlow, who started his job a week ago after his predecessor, Gary Cohn, quit over the tariff plan, brushed aside the possibility of economic repercussions. "I don't think it's in America's interest".

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said on CBS' "Face the Nation" that he didn't expect the tariffs to have a "meaningful impact on the economy" even as he left the door open for disruption.

Trump's latest proposal intensified what was already shaping up to be the biggest trade battle in more than a half century.

President Donald Trump has asked trade officials to explore the possibility of the United States rejoining negotiations on the Pacific Rim agreement after he pulled out previous year as part of his "America first" agenda. Rather than waiting weeks for the USA tariffs to be implemented, Trump backed a plan by Robert Lighthizer, his trade representative, to seek the enhanced tariffs.

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