Published: Sun, April 15, 2018
Research | By Jennifer Evans

Taylor Swift's countrified cover of 'September' is almost unrecognizable

Taylor Swift's countrified cover of 'September' is almost unrecognizable

When Swift's "September" remake hit the internet, the Twitterverse was up in arms over it.

Swift's country remake is a boring, banjo-playing rendition that takes the wind (excuse the pun) out of the group's 1978 upbeat funk track.

Taylor Swift recorded acoustic versions of her song "Delicate" and Earth, Wind & Fire's "September" for a Spotify Singles session that were released Friday morning. "We think about everything they might've heard about us, every reason they wouldn't want us". "Delicate' is about the balancing act of the rush and the fear and hoping it's really worth it to take that chance".

The cover was recorded at Nashville's Tracking Room Studios, and is part of her newly released "Spotify Singles" series.

Taylor Swift latest album, 2017's "Reputation", may not have been a smash compared to her earlier material, but she's still a mega-star, even if that's made her a target for mockery on the internet and Twitter. We also included Earth, Wind & Fire's original track below to help restore your feel-good vibes.

Swift takes the upbeat groove and transforms it into a folksy ballad with a country tinge that fans of the R&B icons just can't wrap their heads around.

Monique Judge, a columnist for the black culture magazine the Root, also said, "There are certain songs you don't mess with, especially if you don't have the range, and we all know Taylor Swift has all the range of a dial tone". Its complete performance schedule is available here.

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