Published: Sun, April 22, 2018
Tech | By Dwayne Harmon

Sony Malaysia held a God of War Midnight Launch in Sunway Pyramid

Sony Malaysia held a God of War Midnight Launch in Sunway Pyramid

As you may well know, Sony's God of War series helped shape the company's work in VR, and now it's doing the same for AR too. "Haven't seen a game like this rated this highly in years, so this will set the benchmark". Developer Sony Santa Monica wanted to completely overhaul the popular series for the 2018 instalment.

The new God of War takes one of the most dreaded tropes in video game history and makes it the highlight of the whole damn game.

When the site loads up, God of War boasts a Metascore of 93, which goes up to 94 as Barlog watches (it's now at 95).

It seems hard to believe, considering the God of War is now a well-publicized critical and commercial hit, but at the beginning of the video Barlog seems genuinely nervous about the reaction his game might get. The ideal addition to the franchise, this new installment is a prime candidate for Game of the Year for 2018 and to further solidify PlayStation's rank in the Gaming Console Wars. Oh, and a son named Atreus and yet another dead wife (newly deceased at the start).

The story opens shortly after the death of Atreus's mother, whose dying wish was to have her ashes scattered at the top of the highest mountain in the land. You can also earn hacksilver by opening chests, looting enemies, and defeating new enemy varieties.

The plot is a thrilling departure from the series. To celebrate the release, we've chose to take a look back at 10 of our favorite boss encounters from the first three God of War games, and a few of the incidental spinoffs. Gone are the sunny temples and dank underworld of the old titles.

The new and rebooted God of War marks a major transformation for one of the PlayStation's most famous franchises.

What's really striking about the visual presentation is the lack of screen cuts. At early parts of the game, always get yourself the most upgraded one but when you are in the middle and nearing the end, take the time to explore as you will be able to find rare equipment, near to legendary quality, that will be very useful if you are into fighting extra bosses that are way more powerful. "So when you would actually change out different moves you'd do that inside the game". In combat, Atreus fires arrows that draw the attention of enemies, which cause damage and give Kratos a valuable opportunity to strike while his opponents are distracted.

With all those skills on the skill tree, there are a lot of options in combat. But it's incredibly rewarding to beat an enemy after ten minutes' worth of battling. After successfully surviving wars and three adventures in the PlayStation 2, Kratos is seen stationed at Norse realm of Midgard.

Both of these games are the highest rated PlayStation 4 exclusive according to Metacritic, but The Last of Us Remastered has its average score based on only 69 critic reviews while God of War now has 89 reviewers adding to the average.

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