Published: Sat, April 14, 2018
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Pompeo asserts importance of United States arms sales to Taiwan

Pompeo asserts importance of United States arms sales to Taiwan

Pompeo's comments came in front of the US Senate Foreign Relations committee on Thursday amid rising tensions between Washington and Moscow fueled by a series of cryptic tweets by President Donald Trump this week, who warned Russian Federation that military strikes against Syria would be forthcoming after the United States and many of its allies accused President Bashar Assad's government of dropping chlorine bombs and killing civilians in Eastern Ghouta's Duma settlement over the weekend.

"No, senator", Pompeo replied.

"Where your job is to work with the global community, our friends and foes alike to try to get diplomacy to work, and yet the United States would be the only country saying we don't want to talk to you about climate under the arrangements that every other country is dealing with", Cardin said.

Senator Ed Markey of MA was particularly distressed with Pompeo's response regarding a question on North Korea.

Pompeo also defined the Bashar al-Assad regime as a threat to human rights, regional stability and USA national security. Senator Markey seemed horrified at that response.

Pompeo acknowledged he had been interviewed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, whose federal probe includes looking into whether there was collusion between Moscow and Trump's campaign.

Pompeo said the United States must do more to enforce sanctions related to the so-called Magnitsky act and Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA) because Putin "has not yet received the message sufficiently".

Pompeo said he didn't precisely recall the discussion, but said the suggestion that Trump asked him to do anything improper "is false".

"That'll be my first priority", he said. He insisted that he is accepting of all people regardless of religion, and told Booker that what he meant was that Muslim leaders had an "opportunity" to speak out against terrorism. At the end of the hearing, Corker said Pompeo had his "avid" support.

The senator then pivoted to ask if Pompeo stood by comments he made as a congressman that gay sex and same-sex marriage were a "perversion".

"The president has made clear, and I agree with him, that there may come that day".

"I think it's important as much as America has done for quite some time. we provide arms sales [which are] necessary, consistent with that one-China policy", Pompeo said. But Pompeo refused to describe what he had said, maintaining that he was at the hearing to discuss foreign policy.

"Yes or no, do you believe gay sex is a perversion?" Booker stated that the Secretary of State must uphold the Constitution and that the positions of the Secretary of State matter.

The Russian Embassy in the United States in a statement struck back at Pompeo's allegations that Russia interfered in the 2016 elections.

Pompeo agreed with Young and expressed concern about the enormous amount of intellectual property Beijing has taken.

Senator Paul, however, argued that now was the time to leave as "all those terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan" who had participated in the 9/11 attacks, had been eliminated and some of the soldiers fighting there were not even born when 9/11 happened.

But Cardin pressed further, asking Pompeo if he could "see the challenge" that his opposition apparently posed to his ability to serve as secretary of state.

Director Mike Pompeo testifies before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for his nomination to become the secretary of state on the Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. April 12, 2018. Diplomats should believe in diplomacy.

According to the Senate historian's office, there are no instances of a secretary of state nominee receiving an unfavorable committee vote since 1925.

Pompeo seems to favor military solutions, take a very right wing and executive branch centered perspective to foreign policy. -North Korea summit can "set us down the course to achieve a diplomatic outcome that America and the world so desperately need". This decision has the potential to make a dire situation even worse.

"He will do a fantastic job", Trump said at the time, confirming months of speculation that the largely sidelined Tillerson was out of a job and would be replaced by Pompeo, who is known to have the president's ear and respect and shares his opposition to the Iran nuclear deal.

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