Published: Sat, April 14, 2018
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NTSB Revokes Tesla's Party Status

NTSB Revokes Tesla's Party Status

An NTSB spokesman declined to respond to Tesla's comments.

Tesla delivered 8,180 Model 3s in Q-1 of this year, missing analysts' average estimate for about 8,800 units. At about one-and-a-half years away, a November 2019 start date for the Model Y would be considered "aggressive, but possible", said one of the sources. To him, Tesla's reasoning makes little sense.

The National Transportation Safety Board announced Thursday that it has revoked Tesla's status as a party to its investigation of a fatal Model X crash in Mountain View, California last month. "The company said vehicle logs from the accident showed no action had been taken by (the driver) before the crash and that he had received warnings to put his hands on the wheel". The NTSB said it did so because Tesla, without permission from the NTSB, relayed information to the public regarding the investigation.

A Tesla spokesperson said in a statement that the NTSB requirement to not divulge information on Autopilot "fundamentally affects public safety negatively (and) we believe in transparency, so an agreement that prevents public release of information for over a year is unacceptable".

"Such releases of incomplete information often lead to speculation and incorrect assumptions about the probable cause of a crash", the agency points out, "which does a disservice to the investigative process and the traveling public". It reiterated that it broke up with the NTSB, not the other way around.

"However, we will not be sharing information about the findings with them", he said.

Something the public may not be aware of is that the NTSB is not a regulatory body, it is an advisory body. Indeed, the NTSB has no regulatory power.

However, multiple production delays for the Model 3 and questions about Tesla's financial stability mean Model Y production could be pushed back further. Tesla said it would "continue to provide technical assistance to the NTSB". Even if it refuses, the NTSB can subpoena the info. "As long as you can see that you're ascending levels of hell, that's OK".

In the tragic incident, a Tesla Model X vehicle crashed into a barrier while Autopilot was engaged, killing driver Walter Huang. NHTSA pinned the crash on driver error, saying the system wasn't defective. But the NTSB argued in its 2017 report that this wasn't good enough. This happened several times on Mr. Huang's drive that day. A new preview picture released by Tesla (above) shows a auto with no door mirrors. Currently, the system can control the car's steering, accelerator and brakes in certain scenarios. However, only time will tell if the Huang family's lawyer will accept Tesla's explanation. The system requires drivers to touch the wheel every five seconds. This American company went, to remind you about their plans to go beyond sales of electric cars and create a real "energy Empire". Those are presumably the reasons why, on several occasions, his auto veered towards the barrier where he crashed.

The agency previously faulted Tesla in a 2016 fatal crash in Florida in which Autopilot was engaged. The Company has delivered over 107,000 Model S vehicles across the world.

The Model Y is just one of many projects in the pipeline for Tesla, which also launched a Tesla Semi and a new Roadster in recent months.

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