Published: Mon, April 16, 2018
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Humboldt Broncos Hockey Trainer Dayna Brons Succumbs to Injuries

Humboldt Broncos Hockey Trainer Dayna Brons Succumbs to Injuries

The town is holding a vigil Thursday night for Parker and his family.

"The drivers are always like the father-confessors, you're having a tough time, you move (to the front of the bus) and you talk to them", said Cherry. And a number of Toronto schools posted photographs on social media of students wearing their jerseys.

Canadians are coming together to raise funds for the victims of the Humboldt bus crash and Airdrie residents have launched a campaign to help a player from the community as he recovers in hospital in Saskatchewan.

"A co-worker of mine actually played for Nipawan", he said. She wore a Maple Leafs jersey.

"All of a sudden we just slammed on the brakes and that's pretty much the last thing I remember, is just seeing a couple of guys standing up to see what was going on", he told CTV Chief Anchor Lisa LaFlamme in an exclusive interview. "We can all relate to it in some way and we're all connected to it", said Mayor Don Scott Monday morning.

Broncos president Kevin Garinger needed the playoffs to last, saying playing hockey is section of this healing process.

He said Dayna was asleep while he was there but he visited with her family.

"Being from home and knowing people who knew some of the kids intimately, like my best friend's daughter is in the same class as Xavier Labelle", Poulin said.

Students at Sunny Side Elementary joined in as well, even if they could not understand the meaning behind the jerseys.

Weighted under the sadness of the devastating crash between the junior hockey team's bus and tractor-trailer, many are finding ways to turn feelings of helplessness into a show of solidarity for fallen team members. "Every weekend we go to games".

They play jokes on each other.

The Cougars will also send the photo to Hirsche's family.

"She was the trainer for the lacrosse team, the soccer team, the baseball team - she just wanted to help everybody", said Cherry, as photos of Brons were displayed.

Some schools in the county are encouraging students to wear hockey jerseys on April 13 to show their support as well.

"I have grown up watching the team and I've got a place to stay there so no problem at all for me to come back home", she said in an interview with a local radio station about her joining the team.

In his grief, Middleton leaned heavily on teammate, Tanner Murray, particularly the first time the team rode the bus over Rogers Pass.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted his condolences to the families of the victims. The whole bus emptied, but Tanner stayed and we talked about it.

Hundreds of mourners attended Bieber's funeral service on Thursday.

"It's nice that hockey stretches out so far".

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