Published: Sat, April 14, 2018
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

GOP senator urges Trump not to fire Mueller

GOP senator urges Trump not to fire Mueller

The prospect of an interview of U.S. President Donald Trump by special counsel Robert Mueller has been derailed by the recent Federal Bureau of Investigation raids on Trump's personal lawyer, according to two people familiar with the matter.

Democrats have made clear that they consider an attack on Rosenstein to be an attack on Mueller, as the deputy attorney general is widely considered to be the only person with the authority to directly fire the special counsel.

CNN has reported that President Donald Trump is ruminating about axing Mueller's boss, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, as a way to curtail the investigation.

Joseph diGenova, a former federal prosecutor who was almost added to Trump's legal team last month, said Wednesday that Attorney General Jeff Sessions should immediately fire Rosenstein. Here's what to know.

The only two options that seem to be available to President Trump are extremes: One is to let special counsel Robert S. Mueller III's investigation go on indefinitely - perhaps until the end of Mr. Trump's presidency.

Despite the warnings, there was no early sign that Trump's Monday remarks had given any fresh momentum to proposals to protect the special counsel.

NBC's story comes on the heels of President Trump complimenting himself for cooperating with Mueller.

"I have confidence that if he were to take that step, you would see not just an uprising from people on the left, but you would see Republicans saying that this has gone too far", Brian said.

Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin of IL tried for a committee vote on a resolution expressing the panel's support for both Mueller and Rosenstein.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said Tuesday that the President "certainly believes he has the power" to fire him.

Despite congressional concerns, the legislation faces several roadblocks.

Trump's threats against Mueller have intensified in recent weeks, as the special counsel's investigation ramps up. Trump asked, repeating a reporter's question.

"I (we) are doing things that nobody thought possible, despite the never ending and corrupt Russia Investigation, which takes tremendous time and focus", Trump tweeted on Wednesday.

Second, the constant headlines and rumors that Trump is considering or has considered removing Mueller - "fake news" or not - are a distraction from the president's agenda and successful policy initiatives.

After that, the possibility of a sit-down between the president and the special counsel "drastically dimmed, ' NBC wrote, with a source telling the network that the Cohen raid 'significantly complicated" talks.

The president denied a New York Times report on Tuesday that he had sought to fire Mueller in December. "And many people have said, 'You should fire him.' Again, they found nothing".

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