Published: Sun, April 15, 2018
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

FBI probing Cohen's "personal business dealings"

FBI probing Cohen's

Federal Bureau of Investigation officials who raided the office and residences of President Donald Trump's attorney Michael Cohen this week specifically sought his communications with Trump, an indication that investigators are scrutinizing the role of the then-candidate in 2016.

In the tape, Trump is heard bragging in vulgar terms about groping and kissing women without their consent. This news seems to support critics who believe that Special Counsel Robert Mueller - who reportedly referred the raid in part to the Southern District of NY - is really pushing his limits here, despite his claims to the contrary. And it delved deeply into Cohen's past, including documents about Cohen's personal and business finances.

In addition to seizing documents related to women who claimed to have affairs with the president, investigators were also looking for records relating to the infamous "Access Hollywood" tape. And they help explain why Mr. Trump was furious about the raid. McDougal and Daniels alleged that they had affairs with Trump.

"This court should not accept Cohen's invitation to make new law and convert a duly authorized search warrant into a subpoena", prosecutors said, calling it a "dangerous precedent" to let defense lawyers delay a probe "in a case of national interest".

Prosecutors blacked out sections of their legal memo in which they described what laws they believe Cohen has broken, but the document provided new clues about an investigation the USA attorney's office in Manhattan had previously declined to confirm existed. He has described the raids as an overreach by prosecutors into the privileged communications between Cohen and his client, Trump.

But news of the Cohen raid threw him over the edge. People close to Mr. Trump and Mr. Cohen regard the warrant as an attempt by the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, to pry into Mr. Trump's personal life - using other prosecutors as his proxy. "No Collusion or Obstruction (other than I fight back), so now they do the Unthinkable, and RAID a lawyers office for information! BAD!"

Mueller is now much more widely seen, not as a man investigating a legitimate crime, but as a zealous prosecutor investigating a man in the hopes of finding a crime that will overturn a presidential election. The only person more conflicted than Mueller, he said, was Rosenstein.

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