Published: Fri, April 06, 2018
Medical | By Garry George

Eating pasta could help you lose weight, study suggests

Eating pasta could help you lose weight, study suggests

Researchers investigated the supposed link between pasta and weight gain by assessing 30 randomized control trials with nearly 2,500 participants who followed what was regarded as a healthy low GI diet, and ate pasta instead of other forms of carbohydrate.

"The study found that that pasta didn't contribute to weight gain or increase in body fat", said Dr John Sievenpiper, consultant physician at St Michael's Hospital and lead author of the study. However, it wasn't just pasta that they were studying, as they included it as part of a diet focusing on foods that have a low glycemic index.

What researchers discovered was people who ate pasta were more likely to lose weight over 12 weeks.

The study looked at 30 randomized controlled trials with almost 2,500 participants who ate pasta roughly three times per week instead of other forms of carbs, and were following what is considered to be a healthy low glycemic index diet.

But, before you overindulge in pasta, it's worth noting that further research needs to be carried out to determine whether eating pasta can have the same effect when combined with other healthy diets.

Good news, pasta lovers!

Additionally, it's important to point out that participants in the studies the researchers reviewed ate an average of 3.3 servings of pasta per week in place of other carbohydrates, with each serving amounting to about half a cup of cooked pasta.

Thanks to the popularity of low-carbohydrate diets such as keto and paleo, foods like pasta are widely seen as enemy number one when it comes to weight loss.

The study says that pasta isn't the food making your body fat increase, and when regulated with a healthy varied diet, it isn't actually that bad.

They didn't find any trials focusing on pasta alone, and they suggest that future trials should be done to examine the impact of eating pasta as part of other types of healthy diets. Are there any foods you eat that help you shed the kilos?

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