Published: Fri, April 13, 2018
Tech | By Dwayne Harmon

Destiny 2 DLC 2, Warmind, Finally Gets Release Date

Destiny 2 DLC 2, Warmind, Finally Gets Release Date

Bungie late yesterday revealed not only an updated development and release schedule for Destiny 2, they also kinda unceremoniously confirmed Destiny 2 - Expansion II as part of Season 3, which will simply be titled "Warmind".

Destiny 2 loyalists can rejoice in knowing that the next big expansion for Destiny is coming this May 8th and it's called Warmind. Bungie is aware of this and so promised to bring back the Destiny experience and turn Destiny 2 into a hobby that players will love.

The DLC will send players to new locations, where they will meet new characters and will engage in battles with new opponents. Naturally, there's also new loot.

Bungie's news update is more concerned with the wider roadmap for the game's future, which will include things such as private matches, seasonal Crucible rankings, multiple equipped emotes, exotic weapon masterworks, and increased vault space. You can check that out at their website. Developers will be changing how players work with loadouts, and there are planned alterations to Weapon Randomization, Weapon Slot Changes, Gear Collections, and Records.

The Destiny 2 Roadmap for 2018
BUNGIEThe Destiny 2 Roadmap for 2018

The expansion is "free" to those that paid for the Expansion Pass previously, but as always, you will have to pay a fee if you didn't purchase that, or if you made a decision to skip Curse of Osiris DLC. If you're a Destiny 2 fan, be sure to mark your calendars for this.

The update will be implemented on May 8, the start of Season 3, alongside the Warmind expansion. You can catch a glimpse of what Bungie has planned on their Twitch channel on April 24th.

Which will launch alongside Season Three of content for the online shooter. Bungie plans to update the roadmap monthly to keep players apprised of their progress. However, the player must own the expansion to access the maps in private matches. In an ongoing move to also be more forthcoming with what exactly is going on with Destiny 2 behind the scenes, Bungie also provided more details for the current development roadmap. "Thanks for coming along with us on this journey, thanks for your feedback, and thanks for playing".

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