Published: Wed, April 11, 2018
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Cosby lawyer launches fierce attack on accuser

Cosby lawyer launches fierce attack on accuser

Bill Cosby's defence attorney launched a relentless character assassination in a Pennsylvania courtroom on Tuesday, against the woman accusing the comic of drugging and molesting her, calling her a con artist and a liar who was interested in only one thing: "money, money and lots more money".

Mesereau has said the jury will learn "just how greedy" Constand was, according to the AP.

Rochelle, who guest-starred on several episodes of "The Cosby Show" more than 25 years ago, said she didn't have any bad experiences with Cosby when she was on the show, nor did she intend to physically hurt him on Monday. Ms Constand alleges she was invited to dinner at the star's home, then given three blue pills to "relax" her and digitally penetrated by Cosby after she was effectively unconscious. But the presiding judge in both trials, Steven O'Neill, has indicated he will allow her to appear this time.

"Mr. Cosby isn't guilty".

"Regardless of whether I had been on the show or not, I would have been there today protesting on behalf of Femen and for the rights of women worldwide", she said.

Tom Mesereau, Bill Cosby's lawyer, arrives for Cosby's sexual assault retrial at the Montgomery County Courthouse in Norristown, Pa., on April 10, 2018.

At the time of the alleged assault, Constand was the director of women's basketball at Temple University, where the wealthy actor sat on the board of trustees.

At the time of her alleged assault in 1984, Thomas said she was an aspiring actress whose agent flew her out to Reno on an all-expenses paid trip after Cosby offered to mentor her.

The Associated Press doesn't typically identify people who say they're victims of sexual assault unless they grant permission, which Constand has done.

"This case is about betrayal, and that betrayal leading to the sexual assault of a woman named Andrea Constand", he said. She says Cosby assaulted her after she took a sip of white wine he had given her. Their testimony could bolster an argument that Cosby, who built a long career on a family-friendly style of comedy, was a serial predator who preyed on vulnerable women.

He said she stiffed roommates on utility bills, racked up big credit card bills and operated a Ponzi scheme while running women's basketball operations at Temple University. "And she didn't like it".

That picture of Constand is critical to the defense strategy laid out by Mesereau, who replaced Brian McMonagle, a prominent Philadelphia defense lawyer who withdrew from the case after the mistrial without explaining why. He had touched her waist and inner thigh and given her perfume.

Constand soon began to slur her words, and she felt weak, she testified. "No, she wanted him to. this was a big score for her".

The lawyers filed a motion seeking to tell jurors that one of the prosecution witnesses, Chelan Lasha, had a criminal record for making a false report to Arizona law enforcement in 2007.

Ms Mesereau tried to pre-emptively negate the impact of the women's testimony by portraying their stories as irrelevant to the charges involving Ms Constand. "You never know who's going to want to make a name for themselves". "If you're a young star everybody wants a piece of the action", Mesereau added.

"She's now a multi-millionaire because she pulled it off".

The #MeToo movement, which dominated the news since last fall, and its influence on jurors' views may make jurors more likely to believe accusations against a powerful celebrity.

Dr Ziv said 85 per cent of perpetrators were known to the victim and that people did not tend to behave as expected after an assault.

She said her protest was inspired by the group Femen.

"He said "your friend is going to come again" and I remember thinking 'how did I get here?"

"They very often don't have anyone to talk to".

Though the charges against Cosby deal exclusively with Constand's allegations, O'Neill ruled that prosecutors may seek testimony from as many as five women who have alleged Cosby drugged and assaulted them. "He called the police", Ryan said. Their answers to questions frequently change over time, either because of the ways the questions were framed or because of their fears about damage to their reputation, job or relationships.

He denies all the charges.

Constand's possible financial motives played a role in Cosby's original trial, which ended with a hung jury last June.

The defense will make its opening statement Tuesday morning.

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