Published: Sat, April 14, 2018
Economy | By Melissa Porter

China's March trade weakens, surplus with U.S. at $15.4B

China's March trade weakens, surplus with U.S. at $15.4B

The dust-up suggests that the trade dispute won't be resolved quickly, despite Trump's optimistic tweets and Xi's conciliatory address to a regional economic forum Tuesday. We're not winning anymore, Trump complained throughout the campaign, and he promised to change that.

Only utilities and real estate, which are sensitive to interest rates, posted losses after USA producer prices rose more than expected in March, indicating that inflation is strengthening, which could push interest rates up further. China has been quick in drawing up trade retaliation options against the US.

China's Global Times tabloid wrote in a commentary that Washington can either respond sincerely to China's determination of opening up and launching goodwill interactions or keep pressuring China with unreasonable demands and escalate trade frictions.

In theory, the tariffs could encourage some foreign manufacturers to build facilities in the United States to avoid paying the extra duties. "We can appropriately hold China accountable for its unfair trade practices without holding our agricultural industry hostage".

Friday morning, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo and PNC Financial Services will report their first batch of quarterly results since last year's corporate tax cut went into effect. "Early movers in the Asian region have certainly caught on this improved sentiment, with the icing on the cake being President Donald Trump's directive to consider the re-joining of the Trans-Pacific Partnership".

There's also a tougher regulatory environment in the United States. -China Business Council, which represents companies that deal with China, welcomed Xi's announcement but expressed hope for additional steps such as ending requirements for joint ventures and technology licensing.

"The door of China's opening up will not close, it will only open wider and wider". So instead this handout to China was passed as a non-treaty. The naysayers were proved right as China continued to flout the rules for the next 18 years and still shows no sign of real reform. "Every day more Latin American products enter China". USA shares were also set to drift higher with the future for the Dow industrial average surging 1.1 percent to 24,279.

How did the Chinese get their hands on the latest American high tech know-how?

A senior White House trade adviser on Tuesday said the moving in a "measured" way through the process of evaluating whether to follow through with the tariffs on Chinese products. But it didn't work that way, Trump said in the Rose Garden of the White House.

"Stronger IPR protection is the requirement of foreign enterprises, and even more so of Chinese enterprises", Xi said. Subsequently, and more significantly, Mr Trump has chosen to target China alone.

"Under unilateral coercion, it is impossible for the Chinese side to conduct any negotiations", Gao was paraphrased as saying.

Peter Navarro properly observed last Sunday, "What we want from China is very clear".

Volume so far on United States exchanges was 7.14 billion shares, compared with the 7.33 billion-share average for the full session over the last 20 trading days.

"Made in China 2025" identified 10 industries that the world's second-biggest economy wants to become globally competitive in by 2025, and globally dominant in during this century.

Rising trade tensions reflect that China is becoming less complementary to the U.S. and more directly competitive, according to David Loevinger, a former China specialist at the U.S. Treasury and now an analyst at fund manager TCW Group Los Angeles.

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