Published: Thu, April 12, 2018
Research | By Jennifer Evans

Are we ready for Google Home smart speakers in India?

Are we ready for Google Home smart speakers in India?

A discount of Rs. 1,000 can be availed on purchasing two Amazon Echo Dots and a discount of Rs. 3.000 can be availed on purchasing two Amazon Echo speakers. The limited time discount has been rolled out soon after Google Home and Home Mini's entry into the Indian market. While the Echo Dot costs Rs 4,499 the standard Echo is available for buying for Rs 9,999.

"Can't speak to our future product roadmap", an Amazon spokesperson told me when I asked whether or not the Show would follow the Spot up north, "but we believe customers will greatly enjoy [the] Echo Spot". Two Echo speakers can meanwhile be purchased for Rs 16,998 under the scheme.

If you had your eyes set on Amazon Echo Plus, there is no offer for the larger speaker, as Amazon has no imminent threat from Google for its biggest speaker as the Home Plus was not announced in India alongside Home and Home Mini speakers on Tuesday.

The Amazon Echo competes with the Google Home, which also shares the same price tag of Rs 9,999. These offers, were purely introductory in nature and Amazon had subsequently discontinued them with all three products to be purchased for full price without any add-ons or freebies.

The Spot will join the Echo, the Echo Dot and the Echo Plus as the fourth Alexa device available in Canada. The Amazon Echo landed on the Indian shores on October 31, 2017, and it came with 11,000 skills. Apart from streaming music wirelessly, Amazon's Echo range of products can be used for a multitude of tasks like shopping from, controlling smart home devices, setting reminders or creating shopping lists, searching for answers and content online, and voice calling as well as messaging. Both the devices support multiple user's voice commands.

The Echo did not have any competition. If you think Google's Assistant is more interesting, your choices are the Home Mini (Rs4,499) and the Home (Rs9,999).

Previously also Amazon had been selling the Echo Dot, Echo and Echo Plus at the discounted prices of Rs 3,149, Rs 6,999 and Rs 10,499 respectively.

While I like how cleverly the Home ties up with all your Google services and how seamless casting is, the best part about it - as opposed to the Echo - is that it uses a two-word wake command (Okay Google), and not one (Alexa) so chances of you accidentally triggering it are far less. For instance, the patent suggests: "If the user mentions how much the user would like to go to a restaurant while on the phone, a recommendation might be sent while the user is still engaged in the conversation that enables the user to make a reservation at the restaurant".

"We will launch Hindi language support later this year so that users can choose the language they are comfortable with".

The Echo being a smart speaker, functions on a skill base model. Also, the Echo's routines are so cool.

The demoed LG device did offer stereo speakers on both sides of what looks to be a seven or eight-inch screen. Whatever be the case, the smart speaker market, is now opening up in India, and that's a good thing for buyers looking to invest in such a technology.

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