Published: Thu, March 08, 2018
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Trump says Russian Federation had 'no impact' on 2016 election votes

Trump says Russian Federation had 'no impact' on 2016 election votes

Asked whether he was concerned Russian Federation could have an effect on the midterms, Trump insisted the USA would prevent any election interference efforts.

But in response to a question from a Swedish reporter, Trump said he had no concerns about Russian meddling in the midterms, and again insisted that the Kremlin's interference in the 2016 election had no bearing on the outcome. "Probably there was meddling from other countries", Trump said.

"The result of the election in the country should be decided by nobody else but the voters in that country", Löfven said.

During a news conference with his Swedish counterpart, Trump also promised his proposed tariffs on steel and aluminum will be applied in a "very loving way", declared the North Koreans were "sincere" in their renewed push for talks and insisted the U.S. would rebut Russian efforts to interfere in the 2018 congressional contests.

"One of the things we're learning is it is always good - it's old-fashioned, but it's always good to have a paper backup system of voting". We'll counteract it very strongly.

Hours later, White House economic adviser Gary Cohn, who has opposed the tariffs, announced his plans to depart the White House, another signal that the president intends to go through with the penalties.

Flake said it was tough to dissuade Trump because the president "keeps coming back like a homing pigeon on trade deficits". You dont want your system of votes to be compromised in any way.

So China doesn't send us two percent; they send us a much, much higher level than that, but it's called transshipping. "I don't think this is a threat to our national security".

President Donald Trump is hailing Sweden as one of America's oldest and closest partners.

"Swedish prosperity is based on corporation competitiveness and free trade and I'm convinced that increased tariffs will hurt us all in the long run", Löfven said. "They love this White House because we have energy like rarely before". "They're going to a paper backup", he said.

Trump criticized the European Union for making it hard for USA companies to do business there, but said any tariffs on European good would be imposed in a "very, very loving way".

"I can't believe I made that statement", before I got elected.

"I believe that President (Vladimir) Putin has clearly come to the conclusion that there's little price to pay and that therefore, 'I can continue this activity, '" Rogers said.

He attributed the recent momentum toward talks to strict new sanctions applied by the United States. "Nobody got that. I think they're honest because of the sanctions".

Unlike the United States, Sweden has a diplomatic relationship with North Korea.

He again took aim at the European Union, saying the EU makes "it nearly impossible for us to do business with them" while threatening a 25 percent tax on EU cars.

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