Published: Fri, March 30, 2018
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"They should demand a repeal of the Second Amendment", he wrote, arguing that the amendment was created to counter the threat a national standing army was once thought to pose to free states - a concern he said no longer applies.

While Stevens is issuing this opinion not behind the bench, the former justice is incorrect on the Second Amendment from a constitutional and policy standpoint, according to constitutional scholar Ilya Shapiro. He said the decision in the Heller case "provided the NRA with a propaganda weapon of vast power".

So Stevens' call to repeal the 2nd Amendment? According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, 374 people are assassinated annually with rifles, while 1,604 people are killed with knives, 472 people are murdered with blunt objects, and 656 people are killed with bare hands or other personal weapons.

The social media reaction to Stevens' suggestion was swift.

"I also think he's wrong on the broader policy point", Shapiro added.

Chris Cox, executive director of the lobbying arm for the National Rifle Association, the leading proponent of gun rights, called the idea of repealing the Second Amendment "radical".

McClintock and fellow marcher Parisa Akbarpour argue their involvement in the "March For Our Lives" movement isn't about totally disarming Americans.

Of course, like any right, the Second Amendment is subject to reasonable regulation to protect the community from risky abuses.

It turns out it really IS about banning all guns.

McMahon told CBS News it's "very unlikely" that the Second Amendment could ever be repealed. And Democratic leaders in Congress have grown timid about proposing significant new restrictions on gun ownership.

Presidents have no power to amend the Constitution, which makes it kind of amusing when presidential candidates propose constitutional amendments as part of their platforms.

While numerous students and activists have cast the Second Amendment as outdated, there have been no major organized efforts to repeal the amendment - which in itself would present a massive undertaking. Stevens praised the protesters for demanding reforms to current gun laws, but said they should go further. Considering how many states are considered gun-friendly in this new Zippia survey, it's unlikely that the amendment would survive.

Mark McGee, taking Thomas's concealed carry permit class, agrees, "That's just not going to happen".

Even Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., who has for years been a leading proponent of gun control in the Senate, wrote in 2012, "let me be clear: If an individual wants to purchase a weapon for hunting or self-defense, I support that right". It inflames easily-inflamed passions, shifting public attention from the merits of specific proposals and transforming the gun control debate into a shadow referendum on what it means to be an American. The Second Amendment's operative provision states without any qualification that "the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed".

The Constitution is a compact between "we the people" and the government to form a "more flawless union" that establishes a shared responsibility for our common defense. This dynamic is precisely why membership and donations to gun rights groups often spike after a mass shooting, when calls for gun control grow louder.

Feinstein, who is seeking her fifth, full term in the Senate, lamented the spread of gun violence in the USA, noting that school shootings occur virtually every month in the country.

Thomas says that likely won't change anytime soon. See more 360 stories here.

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