Published: Tue, March 13, 2018
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Trump Calls Chuck Todd A 'Son Of AB**ch'

Trump Calls Chuck Todd A 'Son Of AB**ch'

Chuck Todd responded by saying that Trump's "vulgarities" create a "challenge for parents". I know folks may be exhausted in the morning due to springing forward, so set those clocks and DVRs now before your eyes get too sleepy.

Todd's NBC colleague Savannah Guthrie pressed DeVos on the President's remarks during an interview Monday, asking, "I wonder, as the education secretary, who's in charge of what our kids learn, what do you think of that kind of language?" The president's train of thought began with North Korea, a topic he'd been asked about on Meet the Press almost 20 years ago: "Did you ever see the story where, it's 1999, I'm on Meet the Press, a show now headed by sleepy eyes Chuck Todd", Trump said. "And I'll be focusing them on what the president is doing to protect the United States, it's citizens".

While Todd did not refer to the president's insult specifically, he did refer more vaguely to "vulgarity" used by Trump. "This is exactly the presidency he said he was going to have, that he was going to do things differently, disrupt Washington, make the establishment insane, make the media angry", he said.

'I don't know why you're putting these words in what I'm trying to say.

Trump was speaking about the time he was on Meet The Press, the show that Todd now anchors, the Huffington Post reported.

He called an African-American congresswoman a "very low-IQ individual" and bashed the moderator of NBC's "Meet the Press" as a "sleeping son of a bitch".

On Saturday, President Trump delivered a fiery speech in western Pennsylvania as part of a last-ditch effort to save a Republican candidate in a competitive House race in the heart of Trump country.

"So, should we stop covering the campaign rallies?".

"Again, Chuck, this is something that is at a campaign rally", Mnuchin responded. He said that while it's fair game for Trump to publicly criticize Todd, it's not acceptable for the president to call him a "son of a b**ch". "And the president likes making amusing names". "It's undignified", and "just to be cursing him, I think, is not a good look for the president". "Obviously, there were a lot of amusing moments at that rally". On Sunday's Meet the Press, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin defended the president's language, telling Todd there were "a lot of amusing moments at that rally". "Hilarious", Todd dryly replied.

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