Published: Sun, March 11, 2018
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Students organizing nationwide walkout over gun violence

Students organizing nationwide walkout over gun violence

There, they will mark the 17 minutes, which is being done at many schools nationwide.

At Thurgood Marshall Academy in the District, students will walk out for 17 minutes and then remain outside for an additional two minutes to honor two classmates fatally shot this academic year. Protests were carried out at high schools nationwide on Wednesday.

Students in Sheboygan Falls are sending their support to peers in Parkland. "The issue of gun violence has continually been pushed to the side by politicians across the country, so our walkout is an opportunity to show them that students are exhausted of this inaction and lack of a real discussion".

"It came about because of conversations that we were having in class", said Rivera.

School officials in Arlington County said they would not penalize students for participating in the walkout.

The district has taken several safety precautions for a potential walkout, including "increased police presence and the supervision of students by school administration and designated staff", the letter notes. "Every student that was in that video has a positive message for the students over there". In addition to walkouts, some have suggested writing letters to elected leaders and a schoolwide discussion on gun violence. "But we are responsible for their safety when they are in our custody".

"We feel it's really an important part of learning democracy and something we want to support in our students", she said.

A coordinated walkout is planned across more than 2,500 schools nationally so far, including many Portland, Salem and Eugene schools.

But the schools' administrators are taking differing approaches to handling the anticipated "walkouts", which are also taking place at schools across the country Wednesday in honor of the 17 victims of the Valentine's Day shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

In Fairfax County, the district is neither endorsing nor opposing walkouts, spokesman John Torre said.

The expected walkouts are hardly limited to major and public high schools. That letter spread concern among students who were planning such events.

L.J. Garcia, a senior at Freedom High in Loudoun, said students will walk laps around the school's track at lunch. A failure to write the paper will result in a student who attends the walkout being tagged with an unexcused absence - which can be cumulative and lead to detention or a suspension under school policies. For now, he said, student suspension and other disciplinary actions are off the table.

Garcia said he and others will participate in the rally later this month.

When the solemn moment is over, students at St.

"We're all young people. We had heard about the March 14 date already and we let the students vote on it and they wanted to do it". Su Valley Jr/Sr High staged a walkout of about 75 students Tuesday.

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