Published: Mon, March 05, 2018
Tech | By Dwayne Harmon

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation explaines why Putin's warnings about nuclear weapons unacceptable

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation explaines why Putin's warnings about nuclear weapons unacceptable

"No one has listened to us", he said. "You listen to us now".

Putin, speaking ahead of an election on March 18 that polls indicate he should win easily, said in his speech that new Russian technology would render such defences "ineffective".

"We are not surprised by the statements and the American people should rest assured that we are fully prepared", said Pentagon chief spokesperson Dana White.

The Defense Security Cooperation Agency said Ukraine has asked President Donald Trump's United States administration for permission to buy 210 missiles and 37 launchers at a cost of around $47 million.

The new nuclear-powered cruise missile could have serious implications for U.S. -Russia relations by complicating the bilateral New START treaty that meant to downsize the world's two largest nuclear arsenals.

Putin contended he could not take action unless it went through official channels. The sit-down was announced today at the beginning of the NBC Nightly News broadcast by Lester Holt.

The 65-year-old vowed to cut the country's "unacceptable" poverty rate in half over six years, but said 22 million fewer Russians were now living below the poverty line than when he was first elected president.

He said the Avangard's development had become possible thanks to the creation of new materials. "It's not a bluff, you trust me". We've had nuclear cruise missiles for decades, with launch platforms on surface ships and subs, and Russians have had the same capabilities for a while.

While the USA shouldn't discount "all that Putin said on nukes", tweeted Steven Pifer, a former foreign service diplomat in Moscow and US ambassador to Ukraine, the message was "aimed first & foremost at #Russian public".

"Russia has no intention of entering an arms race", Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters Friday, adding that the weapons presented by the Russian leader aimed to maintain a "strategic parity, which is essential for maintaining peace and stability".

The hypersonic missile system can fly at 20 times the speed of sound and manoeuvre up and down, he said, "This makes it absolutely invincible for any forms of air and missile defence", he boasted, calling it an "ideal weapon".

"The collapse of the Soviet Union", Putin immediately shot back. "You have failed to contain Russian Federation".

Lungescu said NATO's missile defense system was built "to respond to attacks from outside Europe and North America and not directed against Russian Federation". "It will trigger an immediate answer with all the consequences stemming from it".

Jane's by IHS Markit noted that coming after the US nuclear posture review Putin's statement "not only signals strength to a domestic Russian audience, but is a clear sign to the USA that Russia will continue to modernize its nuclear forces to ensure their credibility".

The Kremlin considers sanctions against Russian Federation over the situation in Ukraine that Washington extended for one more year as unlawful, Russia's RIA state news agency quoted the Kremlin spokesman as saying on Saturday.

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