Published: Tue, March 06, 2018
Research | By Jennifer Evans

Nintendo Switch Play Time Data Will Be Restored in Future Update

Nintendo Switch Play Time Data Will Be Restored in Future Update

Nintendo is aware of that problem and is likely working on a fix.

Nintendo has been doing a lot to make its latest console worth owning, and the library of games is steadily growing in the eShop every day.

A lot of controversy surrounded Bayonetta 2 being a Wii U exclusive with concerns that Nintendo would censor the tone and aesthetics of the game, but fanboys and fangirls rejoiced as Nintendo did not tinker with the game but instead worked with the devs to be even more racy.

Sometime after that, Nintendo fan magazine Nintendo Force said that the playtime only disappears for ten days, before it comes back on day 11. In terms of online features, now games are free to play online but that will change coming later this year in September.

Are you anxious you've lost your activity log? Players were reporting that they'd logged onto their Nintendo accounts on the Switch only to find that the data indicating when they'd first played different games was incorrect.

Other early Switch adopters are reporting that their launch-day consoles - the Switch technically launched March 3 worldwide - have also wiped their playtime records.

"Yep. can confirm my Zelda playtime just went from 515 hours to 'First played 0 days ago.' It must be Nintendo's Switch anniversary present!" said Redditor corporalcadet. Considering how limited the Switch's activity log is anyway, this is a big issue for anyone who likes to keep track of their playtime.

Nintendo has since acknowledged the issue in a tweet, stating "Some Nintendo owners' play activity information is displaying incorrectly". It is unclear if Nintendo has a way of restoring the information, but the mishap has resulted in gamers calling out the company on it and asking for a better activity log. "We are aware of the issue and we expect to have more information to share in the near future".

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