Published: Wed, March 07, 2018
Culture | By Antonia Gonzales

Nashville mayor agrees to resign after admitting to affair

Nashville mayor agrees to resign after admitting to affair

Vice Mayor David Briley was sworn in Tuesday to replace Meg Barry, who resigned hours earlier after she pleaded guilty to stealing thousands of dollars from the city while carrying on an extramarital affair with her bodyguard.

In a plea agreement, the mayor admitted in court to a charge of felony theft of property over $10,000, according to a statement from the district attorney's office.

Mayor Megan Barry says she won't resign as questions swirl over taxpayer-funded trips she took alone with her lover, including one to Greece; Steve Harrigan reports. However, since her affair was announced in January, investigations into Barry and Forrest's relationship were launched by several entities, including the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the Nashville Metro Council. Instead of jail, Barry will serve three years of probation and agreed to repay the city $11,000 in reimbursement fees, although it was reported she spent almost $33,000 of the government's money.

She said nothing illegal happened and no policies were violated. Barry has not said when the affair ended, only that it's over.

Barry, 54, had previously worked for telecommunications company Nortel Networks as well as Premier, Inc., a healthcare improvement company.

A onetime symbol of integrity, Megan Barry made history as the Music City's first female mayor in 2015. They also highlighted hundreds of deleted phone chats on Forrest's phone. The investigation into her relationship with Forrest uncovered some nude photos on Forrest's work cell phone which suggested the two had relations while the sergeant was still on duty.

The scandal forced Barry to take a backseat in the biggest political fight of her career - approval May 1 for a referendum on raising four taxes to pay for a $5.4 billion transit plan.

News of the affair prompted the formation of a special committee to investigate whether Megan had misused the county funds to further her interests.

Barry and her husband, Vanderbilt professor Bruce Barry, lost their only child, Max, 22, to a drug overdose in July.

"For being a first woman mayor, as a woman that's despicable to me that she has carried on this affair for two years", Sharer said.

She also tweeted out a similar sentiment, which links to another statement, also echoing the same feelings.

News 2 talked with visitors to Nashville as events were unfolding Tuesday morning.

"While my time today as your mayor concludes, my unwavering love and honest affection for this wonderful city and its great people will never come to an end", Barry said on Tuesday shortly after a court appearance.

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