Published: Sun, March 11, 2018
Sport | By Billy Aguilar

Joe Tessitore to replace Sean McDonough on 'Monday Night Football'

Joe Tessitore to replace Sean McDonough on 'Monday Night Football'

Sean McDonough is out as the play-by-play analyst on ESPN's flagship NFL broadcast, "Monday Night Football", after only two seasons. He will remain part of the network's college basketball and Masters coverage.

OK. So why not leave those skills and talents on Monday Night Football?

The Post also reported Friday that Manning will pass on the ESPN offer, though he has made no public comments. College football, from a ratings, profile, and revenue standpoint, amounts to a clear step down. "Being the "Voice of Monday Night Football" was one of the great honors of my life, but I am grateful for the opportunity to return to the unique traditions, rivalries and pageantry of college football and to tell the stories of the participants". "Sean is a highly-skilled broadcaster who brings great passion, energy and work ethic to every game he calls".

ESPN has yet to comment on the report - or who could potentially replace McDonough in the aftermath. He has called multiple sports in his career, including marquee events such as the World Series, NCAA Final Four, and the Olympics.

It's unknown what the 55-year-old announcer has been at ESPN/ABC since 2000.

Here's hoping McDonough calls some SEC games in 2018.

Marchand reported Friday that if the future Hall of Fame quarterback does become an NFL TV analyst, it will be for FOX's "Thursday Night Football" broadcast and not ESPN's "MNF". This would mean that Tessitore and McDonough will swap roles between Monday Nioght Football and ESPN's #2 College Football broadcasts.

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