Published: Thu, March 08, 2018
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Houston Texans avoiding free agents who protested during national anthem

Houston Texans avoiding free agents who protested during national anthem

"A recent report that suggests the Houston Texans would not sign a player who has protested in support of social justice issues is categorically false and without merit", their spokeswoman Amy Palcic said in a statement.

At least one NFL team is putting its foot-down after an entire season of professional athletes choosing to "take a knee" during the performance of the USA national anthem; intentionally avoiding free-agents who disrespected the American flag.

There are many who believe if McNair could field a team with all-white, all-conforming all-pro talent, he would. The Texans have commented on the situation and refuted this entire story.

The Texans also made waves past year when owner Bob McNair said during an ownership meeting, "we can't have the inmates running the prison". The "players on the safe side" means those who have not protested but have sympathy towards others. However, that was nothing compared to the reaction it received once it became public. McNair apologized for the remark and met the players, but this attempt was not successful as several players walked out.

During the fall, Texans owner Bob McNair caused controversy when he reportedly said during a league meeting that "we can't have the inmates running the prison", in regards to the ongoing protests. After a sack of Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson, Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett, who spent the season sitting on the bench during the anthem, celebrated by taking a knee at midfield. Many players depicted their aggression and disapproval to McNair on social media.

"I have no intention of forcing our players to stand during the anthem and I regret that my comments have been misconstrued", Ross said in a statement.

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