Published: Mon, March 12, 2018
Sport | By Billy Aguilar

Giants Aware Of Risque Odell Beckham Jr

Giants Aware Of Risque Odell Beckham Jr

Laura Cuenca, an aspiring French model, told The News despite the suspicious nature of the video, Beckham did not partake in any illegal substances.

The mystery woman who appeared alongside Odell Beckham in the viral video that blew up the internet Friday exclusively told the New York Daily News on Saturday that the star receiver did not take any drugs, but refused to comment if drugs were present in the room.

"He left the morning [after] to take his planes for Madrid", she claimed, refusing to elaborate.

When asked by the Daily News whether there were drugs in the room, the Daly News reported that she did not respond.

Ronaldo at one stage even managed to get his $3 million Bugatti involved, as Beckham Junior posted on his story a video of him checking out the auto before joking how it's "disrespectful" for Ronaldo to have his personal logo all over it. The same video has someone that looks to be OBJ apparently trying to get the women with him to sleep with someone.

The video is sure to cause quite the controversy, but for now, the Giants and the National Football League are keeping relatively mum.

With the free agency period nearing its start in a few days, things could pick up on this front as the Giants truly assess whether Beckham a player that they want to build around for the long haul.

Beckham has been pushing for a long-term contract during the offseason as his rookie deal, which will be worth $8.5 million this season, enters its final year.

The Giants state they are aware of the video but do not have a comment at this time. This video will obviously play a role in negotiations between the two sides.

He also angered the Giants' co-owner earlier this year when he pretended to pee like a dog while celebrating a touchdown against the Eagles in September.

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