Published: Wed, March 14, 2018
Research | By Jennifer Evans

Fitbit Launches a New Smartwatch You'll Actually Want to Wear All Day

Fitbit Launches a New Smartwatch You'll Actually Want to Wear All Day

Dive into more details and lovely photos of the new smartwatch meets fitness tracker we'll be dreaming of for the next month or so until it arrives at our doorstep. It's a device for serious athletes that don't mind paying a premium price to get the most top-of-the-line features. And although there's a sea of apps out there that can help you track your period, Fitbit is rolling out a new Versa smartwatch ($199) in May that includes "female health tracking", along with the traditional exercise tracking.

If you want to have that combination of formal option and something to work out in, the special edition watch sets may be best for you. It also chose to go with what it calls a "squircle" design - yes, really- softening the hard edges of a square with rounded corners to make it feel more inviting.

Fitbit's second true smartwatch is now official.

It has numerous same features as the Ionic, and some new ones, too.

The new Fitbit Versa still has plenty of fitness-tracking capabilities built in, including on-watch workouts, 24/7 heart-rate monitoring, and personalized fitness tips. It's also safe for swimming.

Fitbit hopes more big name apps will flock to the platform soon too, so expect further apps and watch faces to appear on the gallery in the future.

For all else, the Fitbit Versa seems well equipped.

The downside to buying Fitbit smartwatches is that you aren't able to reply to messages from your wrist. The watches still don't connect directly to cellular networks either, the flagship new feature on the latest version of the Apple Watch. The case is made of a thin, lightweight aluminum (it's so light, we barely remembered we were wearing it during the demo workout) and will be available in three finishes: graphite, platinum, and rose gold. Additional bands and accessories will range from Rs 2,499 to Rs 8,999. The Versa will be available in April.

Its devices and data depositories have been used in more than 500 published research studies, and Fitbit continues to actively expand into other areas of research through partnerships, such as its participation in an expansive federal study of American health led by the Scripps Research Institute.

Fitbit has launched a new mass-market smartwatch called the Fitbit Versa, as well as a smartband activity tracker aimed at kids.

How much does the Fitbit Ace cost?

Functionality is also pretty similar to the company's existing trackers, offering step counting, sleep tracking and move reminders (which can be muted during the school day). It's fully compatible with all of the apps designed for its more expensive predecessor, the Fitbit Ionic, which debuted just five months ago. For instance, kids will receive a recommended 60 minutes of daily active minutes, compared with 30 for adults.

The real changes come in the way parents get to manage their children's' Fitbits. It also limits what children see in the app, including stats like calories burned, friend requests, and Fitbit's social community. You can pre-order it right now on the Fitbit site. This includes being able to label your energy levels and mood throughyour cycle, so you can begin to see patterns and make informed predictions.

Fitbit will also start giving users guidance for menstrual cycles, ovulation, fertility and common misconceptions. And it will also have several new features dedicated to women's health.

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