Published: Sat, March 03, 2018
Research | By Jennifer Evans

Diablo could be coming to Nintendo Switch

Diablo could be coming to Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch quickly seems to be becoming the console of choice for ports, remakes, and everything not-so-processor intensive. A spokesperson humbly offered that "We can assure you we're not that clever".

In truth, we can't say for sure that this is referencing an impending Switch release for Diablo 3, but then again, what else could it be?

Given the recent series of ports for Nintendo's hybrid - Doom, Skyrim, Wolfenstein later this year - it isn't a surprise that Blizzard would think about bringing a Diablo game to the console. "We have nothing to announce". At the time, the rumor wasn't really credible enough to consider making more out of. Let us know your thoughts down below!

Fans have long hoped for ports from the original Diablo and its two sequels , but Blizzard has been pretty quiet on that topic.

Blizzard on Twitter earlier this week shared a video of a demon-themed nightlight being turned on and off.

Blizzard Entertainment have posted a tweet featuring a terrifying Diablo night-light being flicked on and off, along with the accompanying message "Sweet Dreams". Blizzard has managed to dial-in the controls for Diablo 3 on consoles for the Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, and PS3 versions of the game, and the additional bonus of being able to take it with you does sound enticing.

I doubt we'll hear anything about this project until Blizzard is ready to show the game running in all its glory. The game's style would jell very well with the Switch's portable nature.

Keep your eyes on the Mammoth Gamers for further developments.

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