Published: Fri, March 30, 2018
Tech | By Dwayne Harmon

Apple's new release of iOS 11.3 - offer much more than expectation

Apple's new release of iOS 11.3 - offer much more than expectation

Apple also says that you won't see this icon and information pop-up with every new feature; it's just when Apple needs your information to enable services and personalization. In addition, the maintenance will be released until September.

While Apple claimed that was not the case and the throttling was simply the company's way of preserving device battery life, they later promised to give users the ability to disable the performance throttling entirely in a future iOS update. By visiting Settings ⇾ Battery ⇾ Battery Health (Beta), users can now see a percentage representing the health of their battery. Within the conversation, the vendor can even list items for sale that can be instantly purchased using Apple Pay - all without leaving the app.

The release of iOS 11.3 also included new Animoji and some additional ARKit experiences, the release noted. If done well, Business Chat sounds likely to offer a greatly improved customer support avenue over standard web chat interfaces. Developers can now allow on-screen objects to interact with vertical surfaces in the real world, instead of only horizontal surfaces like desks and floors.

The new Business Chat section of iMessage lets users chat with partnered businesses (so far includes the likes Lowe's, Wells Fargo, Hilton, and Discover) for support and purchasing.

But there's more than meets the eye, check out our discovery of the Top 7 iOS features that are hiding in your iPhone (this should work on the iPad too, but we are focusing this on the iPhone).

Patients from participating providers will view lab results, medications, conditions, and more. This update is reaching Apple's computers as well, as part of the macOS 10.13.4 release.

Data and privacy also got a boost in iOS 11.3, the release said, specifically regarding how users can understand how their data is used.

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