Published: Fri, March 02, 2018
Research | By Jennifer Evans

Amazon is making its second-biggest acquisition ever - the doorbell company Ring

Amazon is making its second-biggest acquisition ever - the doorbell company Ring

Amazon declined to discuss the terms.

Amazon and Lionsgate have signed a new, multi-year deal to ensure Hollywood films will be available to Amazon Prime Video customers in Mexico, Brazil and Latin America.

What this will mean is that the Ring brand will likely carry on.

The Seattle-based tech giant announced Tuesday it's made another move into the home security and surveillance business, acquiring Ring, a smart-doorbell maker that streams audio and video to cellphones.

Popular video doorbell and home security camera maker, Ring, has been acquired by Amazon.

Amazon's Alexa Fund, which invests in companies working on voice technology, contributed to Ring previous year. The company has also received capital from Amazon's Alexa Fund, which invests in companies developing voice-enabled technology. On the one hand, more security cameras - including models meant to mount directly at the point of entry, as per Ring's video doorbells - could give Amazon Key subscribers greater peace of mind when it comes to trusting delivery people. The deal is said to be worth over one billion dollars.

Ring's "camera technology is far superior to physical security ..." ADT's stock fell 4.6% when the deal became public. It's online, at the grocery story, in your house, and now - with its new acquisition of Ring - on your doorstep too.

Siminoff, who thought up the concept after noting he couldn't hear his doorbell ring while he was toiling away in his garage, showed up on Shark Tank in 2013 with his product, which he then called Doorbot, CNBC reports. It acquired home security startup, Blink, toward the end of 2017.

The second reason why this announcement and the timing of it is not entirely surprising from Amazon's standpoint is the fact that Nest-a company owned by Google parent Alphabet Inc. -is set to launch its first smart doorbell in March. Cloud Cam ties in with Amazon Key, a program that gives delivery personnel the ability to deliver boxes inside your home.

The acquisition comes at a time where competition in the space is huge and it seems Amazon is awfully serious about winning.

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