Published: Tue, February 20, 2018
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WWE: Two huge matches CONFIRMED for RAW ahead of Elimination Chamber

WWE: Two huge matches CONFIRMED for RAW ahead of Elimination Chamber

Seven man battle for two hours in a gauntlet match starts out with two competitors and every time a victor is announced, another superstar is added until all contenders have entered the ring one after the other, with the final two remaining stars having the last match.

The participants of the first-ever Women's Elimination Chamber Match will be squaring off in a Six-Woman Tag Team Match.

As San Francisco Giants right fielder Hunter Pence and his teammates join the ever-growing ranks of Titus Worldwide, Curt Hawkins makes an unwelcome appearance.

The following matches are advertised for the WWE Elimination Chamber even that will be held on Sunday in Las Vegas, Nevada at T-Mobile Arena.

The Miztourage played a key role throughout and their presence allowed The Miz to steal the win over Balor with a Skull-Crushing Finale. The match was at this point out of men to challenge The Miz.

- What will Braun Strowman break next? As the match stretched for over an hour, it appeared to be the longest one in WWE history.

WWE will do its best to make Nia look strong, but she isn't going to be the one that breaks Asuka's undefeated streak. And while we shouldn't expect to see this again, it was refreshing to see WWE try something different. While Asuka did go down fighting, it seemed as if all her offense had zero effect on her foe, whose sheer power and deadly Samoan Drop finisher saw Asuka destroyed within the ring. In the process, he built some momentum for himself ahead of Sunday's Elimination Chamber main event.

Reigns, who later had his Spear stopped by Rollins, was defeated by The Architect following a series of roll-up pin attempts by both men.

Absolution, thy time has come. Bayley, Sasha Banks and Mickie James will take on Alexa Bliss, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville.

With high-risk attacks flying everywhere and pins constantly being broken up, it was Sasha Banks who scored the deciding victory as she locked Bliss into the Banks Statement.

- Does Alexa Bliss have an ally in Mickie James?

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