Published: Mon, February 12, 2018
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Why did Democrats agree to the GOP budget deal?

Why did Democrats agree to the GOP budget deal?

The House of Representatives voted 240-186. Pelosi is calling on Speaker Paul Ryan to make a similar commitment in the House. Rand Paul repeatedly held up votes on the budget plan, futilely seeking a vote on reversing spending increases.

She opposed legislation to reopen the federal government after a brief shutdown Friday morning because it did not include protections for DREAMers. Rand Paul, and enticed by new non-defense spending, wilted.

Trump himself tweeted that the agreement "is so important for our great Military", and he urged both Republicans and Democrats to support it. The effects from the overnight shutdown were expected to be minimal, but it will remain until Trump signs the funding plan.

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According to a House historian, Pelosi broke a record for the longest contiguous speech in the House since 1909.

Although Ryan publicly stressed his "commitment to working on immigration is a honest commitment", Kildee isn't buying it and blasted the speaker and President Trump's trustworthiness. The issue has gained increasing complexity as Trump has added demands such as border security, an end to the diversity visa lottery, and the elimination of certain family-sponsored immigration visas.

But House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi found a loophole in the House rules whereby party leaders - and party leaders only - when recognized can speak for as long as they want. If they lose, it's probably because the votes just weren't there for them, not because they were outmaneuvered or didn't fight as hard as they could for the Democratic agenda.

It's an open question if there are cards left to play in the push to enshrine the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy into law.

It seems that some members of her caucus, including Rep. Luis Gutiérrez.

She delivered the monologue in defense of "DREAMers" brought here illegally when they were children, whose protections are set to expire next month.

But once she put out a call for fellow Democrats to send her names and personal accounts, "the stories kept coming and coming and coming, and fresher and fresher and fresher", Pelosi told me. "Their patriotism, their perseverance, their optimism are an inspiration that stirs the conscience of our entire nation".

Pelosi spoke on the day Senate leaders reached a bipartisan budget deal to raise spending caps in a two-year budget, but without dealing with the DACA issue.

Ryan also has to grapple with the conservative members of his caucus.

The debt ceiling will be raised by the appropriate amount until March 2019. Things the Freedom Caucus had been demanding will have been included in a bill they didn't support - like an increase in military spending.

The bill also keeps the government running until late March. In fact, most of America agrees.

Lawmakers were striving in the pre-dawn hours to reopen the federal government, shuttered since midnight after a rogue Senate Republican blocked a speedy vote on a massive, bipartisan, budget-busting spending deal.

"The people of faith are people of faith", she said. Republicans already were asking for plenty of Democratic votes.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who is crafting a bill in the upper chamber with Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to avoid a government shutdown Thursday night, has made such a commitment.

The Senate's Majority whip sounded a bit frustrated by the holdup. Sen.

"We have a moral responsibility to act now", she said.

With all the adoring reaction to Pelosi's heels, you may have forgotten the last time we had a conversation about high heels in high places.

Cornyn pointed out, "It takes unanimous consent to get an amendment". Guess what? In order to shift our focus on get on to the next big priority, which is a DACA solution, we've got to get this budget agreement done so that we can go and focus on this, ' he said.

The got a thank you from the National Republican Campaign Committee. He doesn't need consent to do that. "Yeah, we're going to figure out a new way forward".

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