Published: Sun, February 11, 2018
Research | By Jennifer Evans

VLC 3.0 Brings Big Updates Including Chromecast Support and HDR

VLC 3.0 Brings Big Updates Including Chromecast Support and HDR

If you are interested you can find the entire changelog on VLC's blog post.

Android devices using the Cast feature will see a dip in battery life if whatever media you're streaming is unsupported by the receiving Cast device due to VLC's real-time transcoding and streaming, so keep an eye on your battery life.

We're looking at HDR10 support, and hardware-accelerated 4K/8K video on everything from smartphones, to PCs.

VLC also offers better support for Blu-Ray movies. Another major addition is hardware acceleration support on all platforms. However, the Chromecast support will only be available on Android and Chromebooks for now, while the feature is in its beta mode.

It's no wonder VLC 3.0 is an update geared towards the feature and created to offer the best value for their longtime users. Direct3D 11 output also works on Windows RT, Windows Phone, and Windows 10 Mobile. If you have been thinking that the developers are going future proof by introducing 4K, you are kind of wrong because they are pushing the boundaries too higher as the app would now support 8K playback on all major platforms. However, the Chromecast streaming function is not. There were other challenges as well, like the above-mentioned media encoding feature. By just saying 'play [artist/album/song] with VLC' Google Assistant can recognize the album, artist, or song name and play it using VLC. Interestingly, VLC 3.0 can also be downloaded and run on Windows machines running Windows XP, Android devices on Gingerbread 2.3, and iOS devices on iOS 7. This is apart from the usual bug-fixes and performance improvements.

There are many other new features as well, such as network browsing for remote file systems, HDMI passthrough for HD audio codes like E-AC3, Dolby TrueHD, and DTS-HD, 360 video and 3D Ambisonic audio support, and a lot more than you can chew on.

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