Published: Sat, February 24, 2018
Research | By Jennifer Evans

Steve Jobs' Hand-Written CV Could Fetch Over £35000 at Auction

Steve Jobs' Hand-Written CV Could Fetch Over £35000 at Auction

The one-page pre-Apple employment questionnaire is among a collection of rare items signed by Jobs being sold by Boston's RR Auction announced Thursday.

A job application filled out by Steve Jobs more than four decades ago that reflects the Apple founder's aspirations to work in technology and design will go up for auction next month.

"After having dropped out of the university, Jobs" marked on his ambition of breaking into the tech industry and the application highlights the tumultuous period in his life.

The budding technology pioneer wrote his name as "Steven jobs" and listed his address as "reed college".

With regard to his skills, next to "Computer" and "Calculator", he writes, "yes (design, tech)".

Jobs writes "yes" when asked if he owns a drivers license, but "possible, but not probable", in response to "Access to transportation?"

It remains unclear what company Jobs was applying to.

Under the special abilities section of the application form, Jobs lists: "electronics tech or design engineer. digital. - from Bay near Hewitt-Packard". Steve Jobs' time at Reed College was short, as he dropped out after only six months in order to help his parents save on money. He was raised by Paul and Clara Jobs and went to high school in Cupertino, where Apple's new spaceship-like headquarters is located. Four years later, he teamed up with Steve Wozniak to launch Apple, the company which analysts believe could soon boast a stock market value of more than $1 trillion. He was present on campus afterward for over a year, auditing creative courses including classes on Shakespeare, dance, and even calligraphy.

The document will be part of a pop culture sale by RR Auction that will take place between March 8 and 15.

Other items signed by Jobs being auctioned include a technical manual he signed in 2001 and a newspaper clipping from 2008.

Jobs left Apple in the 1980s, but he returned the following decade and served as CEO from 1997 until handing the reins in 2011 to Tim Cook.

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