Published: Mon, February 12, 2018
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Russia: Aircraft with 71 on board crashes near Moscow

Russia: Aircraft with 71 on board crashes near Moscow

The crash site was enveloped in heavy snow, making it hard to access, with emergency workers forced to park their vehicles and access the wreckage by foot.

Preliminary reports indicated the pilots did not report any technical problems or activate a mayday call, Russia's Investigative Committee said.

A regional official said the aircraft's black box had been retrieved.

The plane reportedly belonged to Saratov Airlines, a Russian commercial carrier. Radio contact with the plane was lost several minutes after the takeoff and the plane went out of the radars.

"Initial reports from Russian Federation blamed the crash on weather or human error, however, it was unclear how that measures up with claims that the plane "[fell] apart in the sky".

"We were grieved to learn about the crash", the statement said.

Wreckage is seen scattering the crash site of the Russian passenger jetWhat happened in the Russia plane crash and how many died?

He added that Putin had instructed the appropriate authorities to probe the Saratov Airlines plane crash.

Investigators said they were looking into all possibilities for the incident.

The Saratov Airlines jet vanished after take-off from the airport. Its hub is Saratov Central Airport in southern Russian Federation. According to media reports from Russian Federation, everyone on the plane died.

The aircraft was heading for Orsk, a city close to the Russia-Kazakhstan border.

The plane took off from Domodedovo Airport in Moscow and was en route to Orsk, reports are saying.

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