Published: Mon, February 12, 2018
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Oxfam vows shake-up after Haiti sex abuse

Oxfam vows shake-up after Haiti sex abuse

Oxfam neither confirmed nor denied The Times newspaper report but said its misconduct findings had "related to offences including bullying, harassment, intimidation and failure to protect staff as well as sexual misconduct".

Ms Mordaunt said it was her "absolute priority" to keep the world's most vulnerable people safe from harm.

A probe was announced after it emerged Oxfam employees romped with vulnerable sex workers following a devastating quake.

The charity made a decision to allow Mr Van Hauwermeiren to step down from his position and crucially didn't share details of the termination of contract with his new employer.

Ms Mordaunt has written to all United Kingdom charities which receive United Kingdom aid to tell them they must declare all safeguarding concerns or lose Government funding.

Oxfam received almost £32m from the government in the last financial year.

He said that it was very important to remember that "there are thousands of people working for Oxfam in some of the most hard places. and we must not forget that Oxfam is one of Britain's most brilliant charities".

"This is a historic case but it is in some respects still live".

She has written to all organisations funded by her department, telling them to report any safeguarding issues.

'The UN said a year ago there were 120 cases involving 300 people - and that is just the tip of the iceberg'.

Marr said: "That was a lie, wasn't it?"

Oxfam said it now had a dedicated safeguarding team, a confidential whistleblowing hotline and safeguarding contact point within countries, and a code of conduct that stipulated: "I will also not exchange money, offers of employment, employment, goods or services for sex or sexual favours".

Oxfam said it had not found evidence to back one of the Times' most explosive claims: that underage girls were involved.

Ms Mordaunt has written to all United Kingdom charities which receive United Kingdom aid urging them to declare any safeguarding issues.

Ms Mordaunt announced she would meet the charity on Monday to discuss the case, and said: "If the moral leadership at the top of the organisation is not there then we can not have you as a partner".

"Our primary aim was always to root out and take action against those involved and we publicly announced, including to media, both the investigation and the action we took as a result".

"If they do not hand over all the information they have from their investigations to the relevant authorities.then I can not work with them".

More reports of misconduct have emerged since the original report in the Times.

And the Guardian reported new accusations over the weekend: that the same man, Roland van Hauwermeiren, was also accused of hiring sex workers in Chad.

But the charity regulator said Oxfam's report stated there had been no allegations of abuse of beneficiaries and did not mention potential sexual crimes involving minors.

And it will extend an existing review into bad behaviour and the charity's culture to include looking at how people are hired and managing of staff in challenging environments.

Save the Children recorded 31 incidents - 10 referred to the police and civil authorities - and Christian Aid recorded two.

Ms Mordaunt said she was writing to all British charities that receive United Kingdom aid to insist they detail the steps they are taking to ensure safeguarding policies are fully in place.

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