Published: Mon, February 19, 2018
Sport | By Billy Aguilar

NBC Hires US Figure Skater Adam Rippon As Correspondent

NBC Hires US Figure Skater Adam Rippon As Correspondent

When asked in December what it was like to be a gay athlete, he responded, "It's exactly like being a straight athlete".

He posted a score of 259.36 after the free skate Friday night (Saturday morning in Pyeongchang), finishing 10th place in a loaded field that featured all three medalists from 2014. He has been vocal on Twitter about meeting Vice President Mike Pence, the head of the USA delegation.

Rippon stoked controversy ahead of the Games by criticising the choice of U.S. Vice President Mike Pence as the ceremonial head of the American delegation to the Winter Olympics. "I think I've shown the world that I'm a fierce competitor, but I think I've shown them that I'm also a fierce human being". Maybe? Yes? Newfound national treasure Adam Rippon ended his sparkly, witchcraft-inspired Olympics this weekend, placing a respectable tenth place in the individual men's figure skating competition.

"I will never forget my roots, I'm absolutely Pennsylvania's sweetheart first and foremost", says Rippon.

But even though Rippon may be slightly disappointed, it was clear from Twitter that many people were full of pride for the athlete. He said his huge popularity stemmed from the fact that there was no hidden side to him. "I've gotten a lot of attention I think just for being myself".

"And I wanted to be open and honest about it and fun with the media, it's a whole part of it that I wanted to enjoy and I enjoyed every single second..."

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