Published: Tue, February 20, 2018
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Modi government rejects snub reports against Justin Trudeau

Modi government rejects snub reports against Justin Trudeau

Modi had earlier visited Gujarat with Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Chinese leader Xi Jinping, and Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, which is why the current situation has led to speculation that Trudeau is being ignored by the Indian government. He also stated that his country has been "diligent" in cracking down on extremism.

Conservative International Trade Critic Dean Allison was critical of Trudeau Friday for not including Canadian Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay on this trip to try and address the import duties. He was received instead by the local District Magistrate, again the low end of diplomatic protocol.

"The Khalistan issue, which has kept India-Canada ties on ice through three decades from 1980, has resurfaced, taking away much of the warmth" during Trudeau's visit, the Hindu daily said Tuesday.

Not the kind of reception befitting a rockstar, said Indian media. "We can also be a major supplier of agricultural products for India".

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's first visit was as a boy, with his father Pierre Trudeau. Impressed and inspired by the place, the Canadian Prime Minister expressed the need peace, humanity and truth in the today's world. PM Trudeau slipped into his role as Papa Trudeau just as easily at Sabarmati Ashram. Amid reports of Canadian PM being snubbed by the Indian authorities, the government officials have said that it is not possible for the Indian PM to accompany every leader during their visit to the country.

Despite Trudeau's claim, the two countries stand at opposite grounds on the issue of immigration.

Trudeau himself pointed out Monday in a question-and-answer session with students at Ahmedabad's Indian Institute of Management that the number is small compared with the $2 billion in daily trade between Canada and the USA, but said this trip is designed in part to encourage growth. Trudeau and his family was seen paying their respects to the Mahatma as they bow in front of his statue. The question was asked because Trudeau is the son of former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.

The Ontario Assembly, where Trudeau's Liberal Party is in majority, passed a resolution past year condemning the "genocide" of Sikhs in India in 1984. "Khalistan is an irritant in our ties but that can not side-track our relationship". He has also said that the Sikh community in Canada is a hotbed of Sikh separatists who support extremist elements. Previously, Amarinder Singh had called Canadian Defence Minister Harjit Singh Sajjan as a "Khalistani sympathiser", during the latter's visit to India in April, 2017.

The lukewarm welcome to Trudeau can backfire and hamper the significant 2015 deal, in which Canada agreed to supply 3,000 metric tonnes of Uranium to power India's atomic reactors. They are a big source uranium supply to us.

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