Published: Wed, February 14, 2018
Tech | By Dwayne Harmon

Google is bringing Instant one-tap replies to messaging apps

Google is bringing Instant one-tap replies to messaging apps

Now that you have an understanding of what smart replies are, you should also know that a small R&D team at Google is working to bring this feature to all of your favorite messaging clients. That's Smart Reply in action, and it's going to start rolling out to chat platforms in the future.

Now, a new app being tested by Area 120, an experimental division within Google, aims to bring smart reply to popular chat apps such as Android Messages (for all users), Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, Skype, and others.

Some of Google's apps like Hangouts let you quickly send a response right from its notification. Lastly, it has a vacation responder feature that will tell people if users are not working on the basis of checking their calendar. Smart reply offers automated replies, and like any AI-powered feature, it can be correct at times, or off the mark at various instances.

For example, if you are replying to an email that includes the phrase "Is Tuesday good for you?" For example, if someone asks how long it will take for you to get home, the feature can give an estimate based on how long it would take for you to drive there in current conditions.

Google's Smart Reply uses the firm's neural network to intelligently analyse a message's content to suggest an appropriate response.

Google has come up with a solution to your tiresome texting woes, creating a robot called Reply to do the hard work for you.

Smart Reply feature was initially launched by the company for the email app known as Inbox. It will be able to prioritise information and send a notification if the AI deems it important, like if the message says "Where are you?" It can silence the user's phone when they're driving and tell people who message them that the user is busy, or even bring certain messages to the user's attention even if the phone is on silent.

The project, like all Area 120 projects, is unrelated to any broader developments at Google - in this case, that means it's not directly tied to Google's messaging efforts.

Google seems to be testing an app called 'Reply, ' which adds smart replies to other messaging apps. "Like all other projects within Area 120, it's a very early experiment so there aren't many details to share right now".

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