Published: Thu, February 15, 2018
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Deportation stay granted for father of son with cancer

Deportation stay granted for father of son with cancer

On Monday, the agency granted Berrones a one-year stay of removal that prevents his deportation for at least that length of time. "Berrones-Balderas, who has received a final order of removal, remains enrolled in the agency's Alternatives to Detention program, which requires him to regularly check-in with the local ICE office".

Berrones' lawyer Garrett Wilkes told The Huffington Post last week that his client was informed in 2017 by ICE officials when he went to refile a request to stay in the country that he would no longer be a deportation priority.

Wilkes said he is hoping ICE will reconsider granting Berrones a stay of removal. Jesus Berrones had taken refuge inside a Phoenix church to evade deportation by federal immigration authorities.

Over the weekend, the Republic story on Berrones - a 30-year-old undocumented father of five who came to the country when he was 18 months old - made headlines, and his lawyer thinks that attention caused ICE to reverse course.

As a result, Berrones sought sanctuary within a church in Phoenix to keep him from being deported.

According to the Associated Press, Berrones, 30, was brought to the a toddler, and reports say he is now granted permission to stay in the us, for another year.

A married father of five children set to be deported was granted a stay after taking sanctuary at a north Phoenix church.

Berrones continues to wear the monitoring bracelet ICE placed on his ankle in December, Wilkes said.

Jesus Berrones, 30, is the bread victor for his family.

Berrones has lived in the USA since he was 18 months old and said he was brought here illegally by his mother from San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

Berrones, 30, told CNN's Don Lemon on "CNN Tonight" that he felt "happy" upon hearing the news that he would be able to stay in the United States and obtain a work permit. It is one of the churches around the USA that have let immigrants faced with the threat of deportation to remain at their sanctuaries.

Berrones has five children, all USA citizens including two from a previous relationship and three with his wife, Sonia Garcia, 24.

He told ABC News he wanted to remain in the USA to "help [his] son with his chemo treatment".

Immigration officials planned to deport Berrones on Monday, Feb. 12, 2018, but they gave him a 1-year stay of deportation.

In April 2010, Berrones was again in ICE custody after being released from Maricopa County jail. He is expecting his sixth child with his wife in a few months.

"His kids need him", she said.

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