Published: Mon, February 12, 2018
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Cebu Pacific heeds Duterte plea, to ferry OFWs home from Kuwait

Cebu Pacific heeds Duterte plea, to ferry OFWs home from Kuwait

Bello said the body of Dimapilis was found in an abandoned apartment in Kuwait where she worked for a Lebanese and his Syrian wife who fled the kingdom in 2016 after the husband was accused of faking checks.

"Pero may plano ako to plead my case there, before them".

Speaking in a press conference, Duterte decried the mistreatment of Filipino workers overseas, saying he was ready to take "drastic steps" to preserve their lives.

Angara called on the government to ensure jobs and livelihood assistance for returning OFWs from Kuwait.

Last week, Secretary Silvestre Bello of the Department of Labour and Employment reported the discovery of the dead body of Filipina domestic worker Joanna Daniela Dimapilis, 29, of the town of Sara in Iloilo province in the Visayas in Central Philippines.

"We would like to seek justice for our OFWs, and while the investigation is undergoing, we are suspending the processing and issuance of OECs". We fought to protect your interest.

"You know, we love Kuwait". How come my countrymen are now suffering brutality, cruelty, and death? "And you seem to be oblivious about it", he continued. In 2017, the number reportedly increased to 103.

Kuwait is a top destination for Filipino workers. When will the upliftment of their human dignity begin?

"We do not intend to offend any government or anyone".

The document has been pending for the last three years.

"So there is a total ban now of workers to Kuwait". But since Duterte already made up his mind to keep the ban, he said the Labor Department will support the President's decision.

"A formal order on total deployment ban will be issued by Secretary (Silvestre) Bello on Monday", said DOLE Spokesperson Raul Francia on Saturday.

"(Regarding new recruits), that has to be clarified in the order to be issued by the Secretary on Monday", Francia said.

Villanueva proposed to stop sending OFWs "where they are not being treated properly".

"We support the President's ban on OFW deployment to Kuwait".

"This is a national shame and yet we proclaim the OFW's the modern heroes of our Republic", he said.

Senator Cynthia Villar, who also advocates the protection of OFWs and their rights, said it is only fitting to halt the deployment of Filipinos in "countries where they will only be abused".

She, meanwhile, believes that there is no need to work overseas since "many opportunities await" Filipino workers in the Philippines.

"Of course we need the help of Kuwait", Duterte conceded.

Even the Philippine Association of Accredited Agencies to Kuwait (PHILAAK) backed the President's decision.

Duterte also ordered the repatriation within 72 hours starting on Friday of the estimated 10,000 "undocumented Filipinos" in Kuwait who want to get out of harm's way. "Seventy-hours to go there and pick up the Filipinos na gustong umuwi (who want to go home)", the President said. "In fact, the valedictorian of the recent batch is a woman", she said.

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