Published: Tue, February 20, 2018
Sport | By Billy Aguilar

Canada's Sharpe wins ski pipe; US gets bronze

Canada's Sharpe wins ski pipe; US gets bronze

Brita Sigourney won the brozne medal in the ski halfpipe Tuesday at Phoenix Snow Park. Their best score of the three will be recorded for the final standings. When Sharpe finished the run, she lifted both hands to her helmet in a did-that-just-happen pose; she said later that she thought she had just delivered a gold-medal performance.

Cassie Sharpe competes in her third run in the ladies ski halfpipe final.

In each run, attempting back-to-back 900s, she fell coming out of the last 900, just moments from the finish.

Which is why Sigourney's medal, in an event being held in the Olympics for just the second time, resonated so deeply with her teammates. Feeling the pressure of its opponents, the athlete of 25 years has increased the degree of difficulty, at its next descent, and she has improved her score to 95,80. But she would only hold that spot for a single skier as Sigourney did just enough to edge her off the podium, earning a 91.60, with a run that was nearly too close to call.

Martinod earned a second straight Olympic silver with 92.60, while USA's Brita Sigourney claimed bronze with 91.60. Part would go to all the women who have pushed her sport so far.

The Canadians already have two gold and two silver medals at the Olympics.

Canada's Sharpe win freestyle halfpipe goldAP Photo OLYSB131, OLYAL127, OLYFS290, OLYFS308, OLYBO123Eds: With AP Photos. "It means I'm leaving this industry with a great message to all the girls: that you can push hard, you can push for a long time, and if you take care of yourself you can do it until you're 33 at least". The real drama came between the American skiers as Sigourney was in third place before Drew's final run.

Maddie Bowman won gold in Sochi and was looking to go back-to-back in the ski halfpipe, but what transpired in PyeongChang was truly devastating.

"I'm speechless right now", she said. She died in 2012 following complications from a training fall in Park City, Utah. "I wouldn't be doing the tricks that I do without her being in this sport", Sharpe said afterward.

Martinod, who is retiring so she can focus on her family and 8-year-old daughter, Melirose, believes Burke would have been pleased with what went down on the sport's biggest stage. "It definitely helps to have an Olympic medal to prove everything I've overcome was worth it, and all those surgeries were worth it and to keep fighting was worth it and all that rehab and physical therapy were worth it". She came here as the favourite for gold.

"My wife and I are on cloud nine, it's just unbelievable, we can't believe we're here", said Sharpe.

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