Published: Sat, January 06, 2018
Sport | By Billy Aguilar

Zara and Mike Tindall expecting second child

Zara's pregnancy means 2018 is likely to be extremely busy for the Royal family, with Prince William and Kate Middleton expecting their third baby in April.

The couple already have a daughter, Mia, aged almost four, who is with her parents in Australia.

The royal couple previously revealed they were expecting a second baby in November 2016, but Zara sadly suffered a miscarriage one month later.

Buckingham Palace said overnight the queen and the royal family are "very pleased' with the news".

Speaking about the tragedy a year ago, Mr Tindall described has described his daughter Mia as a "saving grace" at the very hard time. "You'll never be able to see her there because she disappears in a puff of smoke".

And rugby star Mike later opened up on the pain of losing their second child, who was due to be born late spring 2017.

"However down we feel she will come running up in our faces", Mike continued.

The Queen is said to be "very pleased" to be expecting another great-grandchild.

Other than finding solace in knowing they were not alone in the situation Mike said that their four-year-old daughter Mia had been a great comfort.

Mrs Tindall, who is married to former England rugby player Mike Tindall, will give birth to her second child later this year.

Zara said recently: "We have always had sport in our lives and through our childhood. I think we got it off our parents and hopefully we can pass that on to Mia".

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