Published: Fri, January 19, 2018
Research | By Jennifer Evans

YouTube Cracking Down on Dangerous Laundry Pods Eating 'Challenge' Videos

YouTube Cracking Down on Dangerous Laundry Pods Eating 'Challenge' Videos

"The "laundry packet challenge" is neither amusing nor without serious health implications", Stephen Kaminski, the association's CEO and executive director, said in a statement.

For reasons that absolutely no one could explain, teens have been chowing down on Tide Pods (for bragging rights?) and posting the videos to YouTube.

Facebook will remove #TidePodChallenge content from its site and Instagram.

YouTube is now removing any video that shows people biting into the pods.

In the past month, we've seen (fake) Tide POD flavored Oreos, Chrissy Teigen tweet about the correlation of the trend and Trump's presidency, and so many comments about how they have killed more people than marijuana. Like all household cleaning products, they must be used properly and stored safely.We collaborated with Tide spokesperson Rob Gronkowski to create a safety message that relates to young people who are participating in this conversation on social media. "If the liquid bursts open and goes in the back of the throat, they could cause burns in the back of the throat which would necessitate an ER visit or even ICU admission".

Still, the American Association of Poison Control Centers has noted an increase in calls (39 cases in 2016 and 53 in 2017) due to "exposures" to laundry detergent packets like Tide pods in the past two years among 13-to-19 year olds, some of which involved people eating the pods. For most, the jokes were nothing more than an example of the internet's quirky sense of humour - but "the actual practice of biting into Tide pods appears to have intensified" over the New Year. They should only be used to clean clothes and kept up, closed and away from children. Highly concentrated detergent is encased in a water-soluble plastic material that is meant to dissolve in the washing machine once started, and can therefore dissolve in your mouth when it comes in contact with saliva.

But if we had to choose, Vinnie's approach seems the most delectable, and it sure beats the vomiting and loss of consciousness Tide pods can induce.

'Keep monitoring the patient's breathing and level of response, and be prepared to give CPR if they become unresponsive, ' Weir said. On social media, they're daring each other to bite into the laundry detergent.

Joan McVoy, spokeswoman for the Nebraska Regional Poison Center, said her organization is "concerned about any edible products meant to look like a potentially toxic substance, since they can be particularly confusing to young children". "Ingestion accounted for 91 per cent of these reported exposures".

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