Published: Tue, January 23, 2018
Tech | By Dwayne Harmon

You will soon be able to buy audiobooks on Google Play

You will soon be able to buy audiobooks on Google Play

Creating a single hub for it could mean that Google is committed to making the Google Play Store as accessible as possible to all types of fans.

Meanwhile, previous reports that appeared in the month of November from Android Police stated that they had found references to Audiobooks in an APK teardown of the Google Play app.

Apart from this, one more source suggests that the giant will also update their Google Play Books with support for Audiobooks. An update for Play Books app specifically mentions "audiobooks", as well as audio playback controls like play and pause. However the banner link was not working (still isn't working) indicating that it was an accident and the banner was prematurely made live by someone in the Google Play team.

The hub isn't now accessible, and 9to5Google says that there's no indication of when the store will go live.

It seems Google is planning to sell audiobooks on its Play Store. Thanks to some eagled-eyed work from 9to5Google, it looks like the Big G may soon be getting in the digital tome game.

A banner promoting the arrival of audiobooks has been spotted on the Google Play website.

Currently, there is a collection of audiobooks that can be downloaded through the music library of the Google Play Store. Fans will be hoping that a dedicated section of the audiobooks would provide them with more options and variety to choose from.

Besides, sales of audiobooks seem to have gone up in recent years, and Google having its own dedicated storefront will give it some ground to capture if not all but some portion of sales. It said that audiobooks and ebooks will be divided into separate tabs.

If it happens, Google's move into the audiobook market could be significant, because it would challenge Amazon's domination of the market.

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