Published: Sat, January 06, 2018
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Why 'Atlanta' Season 2 Is Called 'Robbin Season'

Why 'Atlanta' Season 2 Is Called 'Robbin Season'

"Because everybody has their Christmas gifts", series creator and star - and Stephen's big brother - Donald Glover interjected.

Donald Glover is finally back with Season 2 of "Atlanta", and as a twist, the show has a new name: "Atlanta Robbin' Season". You might get your package stolen from your door. When we were there shooting my neighbor got her vehicle stolen off her driveway. "It's just a time where robberies go up, like all times.It's just a very tense and desperate time, so we kind of wanted to make that the backdrop of the season... "Robbin" Season' is a metaphor for all our characters". "We just tried to be ourselves". Because I think that's part of our making art is that we're in this together. "We just went into this like, 'Why are we going to do season 2?" "I think Season 2 will be affected by how people take in the food we're giving them, essentially". FX was mum on what that title actually means, although much more will be revealed later on Friday when Glover and the rest of the show's cast and producers meet with reporters at the Television Critics Association press tour. But Donald didn't want the success to change the series or force them to do the same thing in season two.

"It's a time in Atlanta, before Christmastime and New Year's".

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Specifically, Glover said he turned to "Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Summer Vacation", a television movie that was sliced up into four episodes of the series that played like a highly serialized television arc.

"It's a really good show", Donald says as the room of critics erupts in laughter at his revelation. "You enjoy them more when they're all together, but you can also enjoy them in bits", Glover said.

Director Hiro Murai adds that they made a decision to use that format to "set up the audience to approach the show differently". "Glover explained that when he was given the opportunity to make a show for FX, "we had 30 minutes to do whatever we want"; it wasn't about upsetting sitcom formulas or tropes".

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