Published: Sat, January 13, 2018
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

WEATHER WARNING: Snow on the way for Derry

WEATHER WARNING: Snow on the way for Derry

Dense fog will thicken throughout this afternoon into evening in Northern Ireland, Wales and the West of England, persisting into tomorrow morning causing further chaos for commuters and travellers.

Visibility less than 100m in places. Top afternoon temperatures of 3° to 7° are given for the day.

This dense for will be accommpanied by some frost with lows overnight falling to -2.

Friday night will be windy and very wet over the western half of the country, with heavy possibly thundery rain in many areas and some flooding.

An icy arctic blast is set to batter Britain with snow and gale force winds as temperatures could plummet to -10C in some parts of the UK.

The forecast for the weekend is for a large quantity of rain for most parts on Saturday, followed by a largely dry Sunday. This will become more extensive again after dark.

Thick fog will also cause travel chaos across the United Kingdom as commuters will face hard driving conditions and flight delays today. Lows of zero to plus 3 C., are expected, in slack variable breezes, coldest in western areas.

Clear skies will cause ground allowing moisture in the air to condense into fog droplets over the next few hours.

Early days of next week: Cool, windy and showery, with some wintry showers in places.

Light winds will stop mists clearing leaving many parts of the country under a thick pea-soup through much of the day.

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